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Vampires Are Not Kind! (Drink Without Permission)

10,557 Downloads 253 Thanks  Thanks 100 Favourited 29,708 Views
Uploaded: 26th Jun 2021 at 12:55 PM
Updated: 31st Dec 2022 at 2:33 AM
New Unexpected Update 27/11/22 One more update! Thanks to Denton47's sound tool, I was able to add dozens of voice variations instead of just one. The mod, now yes, has become definitive haha. Hope you like it!

Unexpected Update 27/07/22: Thanks to @FloTheory animation conversion tutorial, I was able to further improve the animations and fix the foot tremors/slips and the animations are now much smoother. Enjoy!

What Does This Mod Do?

This mod is basically a continuation of my other mod: Vampire Bite Replacement, which makes vampires stop asking for permission to feed, instead they feed without permission through hypnosis, like in The Sims 4.


- Feed animation converted from The Sims 4 (Compel to Drink) to The Sims 3 and tweaked to fit perfectly into the Sims inactive animation, also with expressions. (Other adjustments were also made.)

- Custom sounds and effects exclusive to the mod.

- Vampires can attack any friend or foe Sim. (Romantic interaction is not affected, sims will still ask permission and caress their lover's face before biting him. The same for the Request or Offer Transformation interaction.)

- Now the "Weakened" moodlet is totally negative and bothers the bitten Sim. There is also a new icon for it.


Because it is a default override, the mod should be placed in the Overrides folder.

I highly recommend the Enhanced Vampires mod, our mods complement each other. Link: https://modthesims.info/d/648599/enhanced-vampires.html


- Will conflict with any modification that changes the bite clips located in the base game.

- Conflict with any modification that changes the XLM SocialData_BaseGame. Example: sHoNi vampire review. Don't despair, his mod is good, I know. Conflict with versions only: sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Bite and sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Bite_Always_Neck

- It will conflict with any mod that changes the "Buffs" file. This conflict can easily be resolved, as I only changed the "weakened" moodlet.


FloTheory S3PE Blender 1.67/1.70/1.79
Notepad ++
Lyralei (helped me a lot with his tips. This mod was possible thanks to him. Thanks a lot!)
PuddingFace: A great friend