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Fix: Sims need less Space

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Uploaded: 24th Mar 2024 at 8:21 PM
Updated: 25th Mar 2024 at 3:50 PM
  • with this mod, your sims need half of the space for all interactions, which vastly improves routing in small spaces
  • each package file requires a different expansion pack. The requred expansion is part of the filename.
  • Installation: just put all the files in your packages-folder, the usual way, merging is no problem
  • Conflicts: highly unlikely, see below for detail
  • compatible with all my other mods
  • compatible with “Interaction on sloped terrain enabler” by nikel23
  • also here's my other BIG routing fix for pets

Hey Simmers,
Rudi has a big mod-achievement for you today: it's time for my tenth and biggest mod yet

Just recently I play tested my new awesome house, that's cramped up with clutter and plants all the way up
to the roof, just to realize, that my Sims are walking in the garden to interact with each other, cause
many of the spaces are too tight. But no more! With this mod, those issues will forever be a sorrow of the past.

Explanation - how the mod works
This mod reduces the space that sims need for doing things, similar to my other mods. It does this by overwriting the jig size for each sim interaction. A jig is an invisible object that’s auto placed on the ground, while e.g. two sims are talking to each other. Other sims will walk around the other sims talking, cause the jig (placed under the sims talking) obstructs the routing-way for other sims. By default all jigs are quite big, in most cases even way bigger than they need to be. But if you reduce the jig size by a mod, than those interactions are possible even in tiny over-cluttered rooms.

Now these mods do the same for all sim interactions.

How to install
  • Installation: just put all the files in your packages-folder, the usual way, nothing special required, you can merge them as well
  • each file requires a different expansion pack
  • the required expansion pack is part of the filename
  • if you don't have the expansion pack, it's just doing nothing, but it won't cause any other problems

Recommended Mods, that further improve routing
List of all altered Interactions

Technical Details
  • this mod edits the all jigs from all expansion packs and base game
  • Conflicts: only if you have a mod installed who's editing exactly this resource as well, but I assume that's highly unlikely
  • use delphys dashboard to check for conflicts

I dearly hope your sims enjoy their new freedom.

Additional Credits:
A BIG THANK YOU to my lovely Beta-Testers: @maysmile3213516, @SimC, @murfee, @echoweaver, @CardinalSims, @Sazandora123, @vaddish, @nahyutarightsactivist and @Shadez
@you-will-never-find-me-anymore for letting me use her Bonehilda for my awesome profile picture

AND to this awesome and still alive community of simmers ^^

Happy Simming