Mulberry Bush - new orchard tree

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2021 at 4:05 PM
Here we go round the mulberry bush!

Well, actually the SimNation Mulberry is a small tree, with rather large fruit! It is a harvestable Seasons orchard tree, but is rather smaller than the usual trees, and more suitable for a small cottage garden.

As usual, it needs to be tended and sprayed, and will eventually produce a harvest of 12+ mulberries. Your Sims will get gardening badges from looking after it, and if they employ a gardener, the gardener will take care of it for them. As I used the mesh of the Japanese Autumn Maple as a base for this, the poly count is much lower than for the standard orchard trees.

As before, I have included an "eat" interaction for the harvested mulberries, which can also be used to stock the refrigerator for up to 5 fresh food points (depending on quality), or they can be sold.

I have used downloaded textures to photoskin elements of this tree, and the picture attributions are under the spoiler.

The tree can be bought under Garden Center/Garden for $350 (cheaper than the larger orchard trees). The fruit can also be bought under Appliances/Misc for £35.

The tree has 3498 vertices in total, of which at least 994 will have a Null TXMT at any given time. The Hood View version of the tree has 98
vertices. The harvested fruit has 53 vertices.