Autonomous Homework Help

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2021 at 10:54 PM
As I have tried to play more wants based, it has become an irritation that teens so rarely want to do their homework. Shouldn't they wish to avoid getting in trouble at school, however little they might enjoy the homework process? Also, why aren't (some, at least) parents prepared to help them to do well at school?

This mod makes the child/teen interaction "Ask to be taught to study" and the adult interaction "Ask to teach" completely autonomous. It is personality based, so that homework completion appeals more to neat and serious sims. If you have a family of outgoing, playful slobs, the homework may pile up as before, unless you instruct them to do it, but if your family is serious, neat and shy, they should deal with the homework without your involvement. The "Ask to teach" interaction is also visitor enabled, so visitors to the lot can help with the homework. Both interactions can be refused, if the sim's needs are low or they don't have a good enough relationship with the initiating sim.

The mod is simply a modified TTAB for the homework object, and so should not conflict with most of the many other homework mods out there. In particular, it is intended to be compatible with Midgethetree's Higher Priority Homework Help (scroll down) which I recommend you use with it, otherwise the homework will keep dropping out of the sims' queues.

I have been playing with this mod in my game for several months now, and I have observed that if you have several children or teens on the lot, they may do someone else's homework rather than their own. However, teens never do children's homework unless it is their own, left over from before they aged up. I may later add a second version of the mod that restricts them to doing their own homework (if I can work out how to do it).

The Human Motives advertising for the interactions are as follows:
"Ask to be taught"
Comfort +15 additional +15 for shy sims (due to getting in trouble at school if they don't do it)
Social +10, additional +10 for serious sims
Environment +15 for neat sims only (will only affect teens).

"Ask to teach"
Environment +15, additional +15 for neat sims
Social +10, additional +10 for serious sims.