72 Eye Colours

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Uploaded: 13th Jul 2021 at 4:08 PM
This package contains 72 different eye colours, mostly natural and realistic.

Blue: 14
Aqua: 8
Green: 17
Brown: 24
Grey: 7

These colours are no contacts or default replacements, they are safed presets, meaning you can find them at the eye section in CAS, change and alter them if you desire to or even delete them if you are not happy with the colour.

This Mod Is A Request.


Use this file with caution!
There is a reason, why there are no packs with eye colours (to my knowledge) and that's because of the file itself.

Thats also the reason why I can't offer you seperate files for each colour section, unfortunately.

The reason behind it is that I extracted the colours out of my own userPresets.package file. Unlike my hair colours, I cannot transform them into their own .package or Sims3 file. I've tried to override their preset-numbers (their loading order) but couldn't figure it out, at least not with S3PE.

Basicly: this mod will OVERRIDE your own costum colours, meaning if you saved some eye colours beforehand, they will be gone after you put my file in. However, you CAN safe colours after you put my file in.

If you guys have any suggestions or tips on how to make it happen, please feel free to contact me.

Other than that, this mod works completely fine!

CC I used on my Sim for the Screenshot (None will be included in this download!)

Skin: S-Club ts3 skin default FM 2.0B by S-Club

Eyeliner: S-Club Eyelash Set N1 bye S-Club