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The Colony Rose - Family Residence

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2021 at 8:13 AM
This Californian styled mansion is now on sale for an expanding family with many children running around, I like to have a neat birth rate, now I share this gem directly from real estate to the packcage so that your sims can also enjoy an living here.

Construction: Four-story Ranch for infants breeding !
Architecture: Palatial Villa
Style: Southern, Mexican Colonial
Gardening: No crops or need for irrigation
Garage: For two vehicles
Foundation: Yes
Luxuries: Pool and balcony.
Tricks used: moveobjects and plant hybridization overlay

Quote: "Dad is crazy to be saved from pool death and mom is being assisted by the maid and babysitter so doesn't need anyone to talk to while, raising the babies"

Agradecimientos: Mootilda por CleanInstaller, Turn ON/OFF lights.