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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2022 at 9:58 PM

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Life's full of difficult choices. . .

Surrounded by thick pine forests and lakes, Softpines is a seemingly quiet town with a mixed bag of personalities calling it home.

Though idyllic at first sight, several of the local Sims are about to make decisions that will impact their lives and the lives of the people around them. What may benefit one person's wishes may work against someone else's desires, which will lead to conflicts to rise up.

What will the sum of those choices mean for the future of Softpines?

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At the moment you open up Softpines in your game, 9 families are already moved in and 2 more families in the bin are eagerly waiting for you to buy them a house or lot as well. Each of the households has an imminent event or some type of drama going on - installing the custom scripting for Softpines will even cause a pop-up to appear, in which one of the residents will tell you about their goals and ideas. Feel free to help them reach for these goals - or not, that's up to you >;P - and then see the results fold out, to which you can react once again.
Household and personal biographies, the photo albums, memories and relationships will tell you a bit more about what's going on in their lives.


1) The download is a zip file. Extract the files to a save location, use WinRAR or 7zip if needed.
2) There will be two files within the extracted zip: The ASP1 folder and a CustomScripting_Softpines package file.
3) The ASP1 folder contains the neighbourhood itself, place it into your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Neighborhoods folder.
4) The CustomScripting_Softpines file contains the script for the pop-ups when you load up the households, place it into your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Downloads folder.
5) Launch up the game. Softpines should be ready to play now!


- -> 9 households moved in
- -> 2 households in the family bin

- 45 Sims
- -> 12 Elders
- -> 16 Adults
- -> 8 Teens
- -> 4 Children
- -> 2 Toddlers
- -> 3 Large Dogs
- -> 3 Pregnancies

- 20 Custom Townies
- -> 6 Elders
- -> 8 Adults
- -> 4 Teens
- -> 2 Children
- Two townies are related to playable families

- A few generated NPC's
- -> One of which is related to one of the playable families



- 23 residential lots
- -> 8 of which are free to build a house on
- 2 apartment lots, each coming with 3 units to be occupied by a household

- 17 community lots
- -> 2 of which are owned by local townies
- -> 1 of which is a construction area where a new venue can be built
- -> 1 of which only has a few trees and is well-suited for someone to purchase and develop

- 1 hidden residential graveyard lot
- -> hosting the graves of Sims who died before their living offspring moved to Softpines.


The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection is required to play Softpines!
The builds, Sims and situations use items and gameplay from all expansion and game packs.

Camera Mod
According to the terrain creator, M.M.A.A., "you most probably you won't need it, but in case you do, you can get Tom Duhamel's flexible neighborhood camera mod. However, this terrain is meant to be played just like any other premade terrain, which don't really require it."

The hidden residential graveyard lot is located near the edge of the neighbourhood, which means that in order to access it a camera mod will be needed. This lot is not essential for gameplay, it just contains gravestones of deceased characters.


Tools used:
- SimPE - TwoJeff's Simblender (https://simfileshare.net/folder/99006/
- Aaroneous' Memory Manipulator (https://simmanipulator.forumotion.c...ory-manipulator)
- Neder's Day Setter (https://modthesims.info/d/318007/day-setter.html)

Neighbourhood Terrain used:
- M.M.A.A.'s Oceanside County terrain (https://modthesims.info/d/573659/oc...ll-terrain.html)

Custom Sliders used:
- Jawusa's Assymetrical Inner Brow Height (https://modthesims.info/d/646752/as...-2-sliders.html)
- Memento-Sims' Eighteen Sliders (https://memento-sims.tumblr.com/pos...ncluded-a-brief)
- Memento-Sims' Face Length and Lids Depth Slider (https://memento-sims.tumblr.com/pos...ost184858130195)
- Nopke's 24 Sliders Set (https://simnopke.tumblr.com/post/17...4227/24-sliders)
- WithLoveFromSimtown's Late-To-The-Party Sliders (Part 2) (https://withlovefromsimtown.tumblr....art-2-well-like)

Scripted Pop-up Tutorial:
- Christ Hatch's custom scripting file (https://modthesims.info/showthread....184#post5557184)

Friends and supporters who helped me testing and gave me feedback:
- Sarahsmiles (you've given me a LOT of good feedback, tips and contacts, without you I'd never have been able to release Softpines the way it is. <3 )
- Jawusa (without your tutorial on subhood deletion I'd have to do a year's work of progress all over again)
- Lunie (for linking me to Jawusa's tutorial. <3 )
- Icmnfrsh (for testing Softpines throughout the development)
- Bellagorilla (for testing Softpines throughout the development)

Thanks in advance for playing Softpines

- M13Vulpecula