Bonito - Neighborhood Complete With Lots - No CC

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Uploaded: 12th Jan 2008 at 11:58 AM
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---------BONITO - COMPLETE WITH LOTS---------
Flabaliki, 12th January '08

No Custom Content & Nightlife Only

This is a small sleepy town located south-west of Pleasantview. It's a place for Sims to get away from their hectic lives in Pleasantview and to just relax and enjoy the mountainous vista's that surround them.

Bonito is situated in-between Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Doudal, this gives it the unique look that you rarely find in small towns. Through the heart of Bonito is a long street that contains 'Bonito Coffee House', 'Bonito Community Center', 'Stop'n'Shop', 'H&M Bonito' and 'Bonito Community Park'. Down the end of the main street is a loop where the night club is located. There is little room for more lots to be built but it is a possibility as there is some room round by the lake.

Bonito is specifically designed for those who do not like camera mods like myself. The land is not flat but quite mountainous and is not easy to build lots on. The .sc4 file is a separate download and must by installed for Bonito to work.

This neighborhoods’ file number is N742. This is that Pleasantview, Strangtown and Veronaville are numbered N001, N002 and N003. If you have Seasons then River Blossom Hills will show up as G001.

Bonito comes fully built with 6 community lots and 13 residential lots, 6 of which are starter lots. See the post bellow for all of the information on each lot.

01 Residential – 1 Acres Avenue 2BR 1BA Luxury
02 Residential – 2 Acres Avenue 2BR 2BA Starter Home
03 Residential – 4 Doudal Lane 1BR 1BA Starter Home
04 Residential – 3 Acres Avenue 2BR 1BA Starter Home
05 Community – Bonito Coffee House
06 Residential – 1 Greenwood Alley 3BR 2BA Luxury Home
07 Residential – 2 Greenwood Alley 3BR 1BA Luxury Home
08 Residential – 3 Doudal 2BR 1BA Lane Starter Home
09 Community – Bonito Community Center
10 Residential – 3 Greenwood 3BR 1BA Alley Starter Home
11 Residential – 1 Doudal 3BR 2BA Lane Luxury Home
12 Residential – 2 Doudal 3BR 2BA Lane Luxury Home
13 Community – Bonito Stop’n’Shop
14 Community – H&M Bonito
15 Community – Bonito Community Park
16 Residential – 1 Twin Pines Place 3BR 2BA Luxury Home
17 Residential – 2 Twin Pines Place 1BR 1BA Starter Home
18 Community – Club Night Light
19 Residential – Bonito Manor 3BR 4BA Luxury Home

Most lots are the between the size 2x3 and 3x4 allowing for house extensions or gardens to be built.

All lots are alteast partially furnished for two Sims the other 2 or 3 lots are fully furnished to accomidate 2 or more Sims. All of the lots that are partially furnished include all of the essentials the your Sims need.

The Neighborhood has been play tested with all of the other eps up from Nightlife. It works perfectly with no errors or crashes.


Bonito should work for everyone who has Nightlife. The lots in this neighborhood do not have room for driveways as they are on sloped land, however it is possible to add them if you are an experienced builder.


1. Download Bonito_SC4.rar and extract to My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SC4Terrains
2. Download Bonito_N742.rar and extract to My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods
3. Close the windows and start The Sims 2.

Bonito will be named as N742. Double check that the folder N742 is in \Neighborhoods and not a subfolder within it. If you already have a neighborhood named N742 rename it by changing the numbers from anywhere between 001-999 then open up the folder and all subfolders within and rename all of the files the start with N742 to your new name.


Bonito_SC4.rar is the file containing the SC4 terrain file and preview pictures
Bonito_N742.rar is the actual neighborhood contain all of the lots (you MUST to download the other file for this to work)

Alternatively if you have already downloaded Bonito from my previous post of it and already own the SC4 file then you do not need to download Bonito_SC4.rar

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Plasticbox for the inspiration to create my own neighborhood complete with lots and also for the information required to post this thread.