Harder Fame (TS3SU) (Updated 5/22)

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Uploaded 25th Apr 2022 at 2:14 PM · Updated 22nd May 2022 at 9:40 PM by Mogilated

Getting famous and staying famous is extremely difficult.
People crave novelty, and not just any feat will do.
Celebrities are only the upper layer of thousands of hopefuls.

This mod is meant to make the fame system much, much harder.
With it, you'll need to work to achieve even low levels of fame,
and gaining a skill or two here and there isn't going to be enough.

For already existing celebrities, you'll need to set their celebrity level
back to zero with NRAAS MasterController. It's under:
Click on your Sim --> NRAAS --> MasterController --> Intermediate
--> Celebrity Level (or Celebrity Points)

This mod won't automatically update their level upon install.

04/16/2022 - Initial Release
05/22/2022 - Update 1.0.1 - Skills now give no fame


Changes to celebrity level thresholds

It will now take a lot of work to gain that first fame level.
Your sims shouldn't become celebrities just by earning skills, now.

Click here to view the thresholds:

Changes to fame gain for certain actions

Skills, as a whole, give a lot less fame.
But, high-level skills are still useful to your sims' fame.

Skills now give no fame, as leaving this feature would always
eventually result in a sim becoming a celebrity. (Ver. 1.0.1)
However, the old version (1.0.0) remains for those who want it.

Having many friends and romancing will help more than skills.

Irrelevant jobs no longer grant fame,
but entertainment and creativity jobs are rewarded well.

Irrelevant traits no longer help impress, either.
Having a bunch of good traits will no longer make you famous.


About F2 - Fame B


This mod was made entirely with the help of this tutorial:


There is only one XML resource for celebrities: "Celebrity" 0x87B4380B6D6574E0
This means that any other mods that tune the Fame system are not compatible.


I subscribe to cathedral modding, not parlor modding:

So, you may archive and reupload this mod elsewhere for use of simmers in the future.
You may update or fix this mod and upload your work if the game (ever) is updated.
You may edit this mod and upload your work without credit (the XML is not mine).