Harder Writing Skill (TS3SU)

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Writing requires study, and few authors make it to the top and get noticed.
Many of us have day jobs. One book can sometimes take 7-8 years to write.
It's nowhere near as simple as The Sims makes it look.

This mod is meant to make living as a writer very, very difficult for your sims.
With this mod, it will take time and intense effort to amass a steady writing income.
But nothing's stopping your sim from becoming a Journalist on the side.

If you want to know more about the changes I've made, read on.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.

04/09/2022 - New Flavour: Moonah's Hobbyist Writing (No Royalties in Vanilla + All Flavours)
03/31/2022 - New, Slightly Easier Flavour: Writing B (Smaller Page Counts)


Changes to Page per Minute rates, page counts, and how to gain PPM

Your sim is going to have a hard time at first.
Their base PPM is tiny, and their traits help a lot less. Their biggest bonus is now reading.
In addition, word count requirements for books are standardized and raised across the board.

Reading others' books in your genre is common writing advice.
If your sim wishes to succeed as an author, they need to devote time to being well-read.
In the beginning, it may take a few days to a week to write a book.
Work on their project daily, and read many new books. Oh, and get a day job.

Click here to view how PPM is calculated now:

Click here to view the new page counts:

Your sims may run out of books to read before they reach the maximum bonus of 35.
So, I suggest NRAAS Written Word to automatically populate your sims’ bookstores with new books:

Changes to chances of publishing flops

Your sims can now fail at hitting the nail with their novels, and likely will at first.
Book markets are saturated. It's hard to get noticed.
So, your sim will need to be persistent even in the face of failure.

There's no "grace period" for level 1 authors anymore; only a 50% chance of failure.
This free shot at success is part of Maxis' tuning in every game, but it's gone now.

Click here to view the chances of your sims' books flopping:


About F2 - Writing B

About F3A, B, & C - Moonah's Hobby Writing


This mod was made entirely with the help of this tutorial:


There is only one XML resource for writing: Writing_0x49f73ba878b269dc
This means that any other mods that tune the Writing skill are not compatible.


I subscribe to cathedral modding, not parlor modding:

So, you may archive and reupload this mod elsewhere for use of simmers in the future.
You may update or fix this mod and upload your work if the game (ever) is updated.
You may edit this mod and upload your work without credit (the XML is not mine).