Solar Redux: A Sensible Panel

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2022 at 12:06 AM
Updated: 29th Apr 2022 at 6:08 PM
Update 29/04/22: Made normal version visible in CAW, thanks TechnicallyYours for the suggestion

I like solar panels in The Sims, they jazz up roofs and lower your bills, but I really don't like the panels that were made for TS3. They're available in a couple of free Store sets, but they have some...issues. So I fixed them.

Superseding the Daystar 3000 is the Daystar 9000 - a modified mesh that's less spiky and will look more eco-friendly than eco-menacing, along with actually having a panel that can seamlessly line up with others, modified textures to double the number of recolourable channels and add a more glass-like specular, and categorised in a useful place in the catalogue so you don't have to spend several days hunting for it in your overflowing Deco / Misc tab.

Aside from that, it functions exactly the same as the original - it will lower your bills and can be upgraded to lower them even more. As a bonus, I made a version that will snap onto roofs, which is exactly the same as the standard floor version otherwise.

Both can be found in Electronics / Misc or Outdoor / Roof Decor for 500 simoleons each. They're totally standalone and don't need any Store item or expansion pack to function.

Poly counts:

Daystar 9000
LOD0 - 899 verts
LOD1 - 472 verts

Daystar 9000 Roof
LOD0 - 574 verts
LOD1 - 356 verts