Harrow Creek - CC Free and populated neighborhood

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2022 at 6:13 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2022 at 3:07 AM
Welcome to Harrow Creek!
Harrow Creek has a storied history, with the two most influential families dating back for generations being the Angevin and Torres families. Sitting atop their hill, the most affluential residents look down to the growing downtown area, and across the river to the burgeoning middle class. Will old blood make room for new?

Update 06/18/2022: I have updated the neighborhood files to work properly across all languages, so the sim names shouldn't change if you play in a language other than English. I had to change over 70 files, so I may have missed some sims. If you notice any, please let me know! I also fixed an issue with the placement of the coffee bar in the lot "Funky Fresh".

Harrow Creek is a populated CC free neighborhood with custom townies, neighborhood story pictures, all custom lots, and properly set up memories for the living sims. It uses the NID N055. (Ancestor sims and townies do not have correct memories) It requires camera mods to fully see the neighborhood. Each household has a description and story set up for them, as well as skills, jobs, and relationships with other sims. There are 13 playable households with 35 living sims across them, with most households having at least once deceased ancestor, if not several. There are 22 custom townies. There are no maxis townies. The SC4 file is custom made, and included as a separate optional download if you want it. All playable sims have biographies written for them, and so does each household.

Preview of premade sim faces:

Custom Townies:



Recommended (optional!) Mods

These are mods that I would suggest downloading and using, but aren't packaged or necessary for Harrow Creek to work.

Visitor Controller (Twojeffs) Some lots are targeted to very specific sims (Funky Fresh for example is meant for teens) so using this allows you to prevent any unwanted sims.

Any hood skylines, to make the cut off of the hood less visible. There isn't a specific one I made Harrow Creek in mind with, so pick whatever you like best!