Werewolves Ripped Leggings Recategorizer (Override + Standalone)

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2022 at 5:04 PM
Updated: 4th Sep 2022 at 10:31 AM
✔Game tested and compatible with 1.91 patch


Removed FashionRarity tags from the female standalone and both male versions (female override didn't have them).

Male versions added, override and strandalone as well

Initial release

I loved these ripped leggings from the first sight! But I wanted my sim to wear them with some fishnet tights (I've recently discovered a true love for ripped bottom pieces and found out that the game lacks heavily ripped ones). So I've made a tiny edit for the initial item to be leggings as bottom clothing and not as tights. All the swatches are exact as EA item and you can choose whether you want to replace the initial tights completely with override or have these available both as tights and bottom with standalone version.

What's included?

I've made two versions - an override and a standalone one for both male and female frames.

The override moves the initial cloth from tights to bottom part leggings CAS category (adding a mesh of cource) and you won't be able to wear these with shorts, skirts and any other bottom clothing.
Standalone one does not modify the original tights, it creates a clone of them in bottom part leggins CAS category, so both options will be available.

You don't need both versions at the same time as you'll get two identical bottom parts in leggings CAS category with no purpose.

What you need to know:
  • both versions are disabled for random to prevent CAS bugs and double-wearing the same item as leggings and tights;
  • the SortLayer of both versions is different from the regular skinny bottoms - it's 10600 (pls see an explanation below);
  • all the textures are linked to the originals from EA, so you do need Werewolves Pack for this to work properly.

The SortLayer explanation

Every CAS part type has a different SortLayer number, it indicates the item types to be shown under or above of other ones. For example, skins and skin details have nearly lowest SortLayer, while clothes have the highest ones.

Tights have SortLayer 10500, bottom clothing has SortLayer 14000 and shoes have 10700, clothing tops have 13000 for those tucked in and 16000 for the untucked (there is another param for the pants to tuck into the boots or not, but it isn't needed here and I don't wont to complicate this text too much).

These leggings are a bit longer than regular skinny bottoms, so if having a regular SortLayer 14000 their texture overlaps some higher shoes as shown on the third screenshot, but the tops do tuck into them in the waist region. I wanted to make these compatible with more shoes, especially with Werewolves hightops, and at the same time to layer fishnet tights under (also I don't think much people tuck their tops into skinny leggings IRL). That's why I've set up SortLayer 10600 (higher than tights but lower than shoes) and the screenshots prove this working perfectly for my purpose.

If you want more info

The Sims 4 Studio website has tons of tutorials and let's say guide articles, where a person can find info regarding Sims 4 custom content creation. Here is the article about SortLayers that helped me so much.


Sims4Studio and EA.