Grilled Tofu Skewers - default and standalone food

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2022 at 6:55 PM
Here is my very first custom dish! Barbecue season was is in full swing when I made this, and it was ready to upload back in... August, but then I kinda got distracted from the Sims. Anyway, this is inspired by my favourite vegan bbq recipe: some tasty, smokey, tofu and vegetable skewers, served with some rice and mixed salad.

These skewers were designed as a meatless alternative to the BG ribs, and cloned from those. As a result they have the same requirements: cooking on the grill, and at least 7 cooking skill points.
Unlike my real life self, Sims won't have to marinate the tofu overnight, lucky them!

Two versions are available for download: a standalone custom version, and a default version which will replace the ribs.

I added translations in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, other languages are beyond my ability but If you want to make translations feel free to contact me

I was a bit sad that the tofu package I created for the ingredient stage is only visible for a few seconds, so I also made it into a deco object to stock grocery store shelves or use as clutter. It is found in Deco/Misc for §20

Poly counts

Tofu Skewers (food)
prep 1390 faces / 2269 vertices
serve 1236 faces / 2749 vertices
individual plate 492 faces / 962 vertices

Tofu package (deco object)
60 faces / 76 vertices

SimPE, Gimp, Wings 3D, Milkshape