Thonet & Baumann bentwood seating

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2020 at 5:38 AM
Updated: 21st May 2023 at 7:12 PM - Updated barstool mesh
A set of dining chairs and matching barstools inspired by two popular designs of bentwood "bistrot" chairs. They are named after the famous furniture designers and manufacturers Michael Thonet and Emile Baumann.

They come with a bunch of recolors:
- 15 natural wood textures in 12 of iCad's wood colors plus black, white and Pooklet's incendiary
- 9 colored wood textures. I started picking colors I liked from various palettes and tweaked them to make my own, except for the clue blue and reverend green from the Cluedo palette that remained unchanged
- For the Thonet chair and barstool only: 5 recolors of the frame in shasta's Cluedo metal textures, and 5 caned seat recolors.

Each barstool pulls the textures from its matching chair, so you need to have the chair in your game for the corresponding barstool to be displayed properly.
All objects were assigned a unique GUID from my block.

I really enjoyed meshing these, even though getting the material definitions right made me pull my hair once again :D

Update - 21/05/2023: I fixed the smoothing on the Baumann barstool mesh and updated the archive. If you redownload, you can let it override the old version! It should now have nice sharp edges on the legs like the matching chair

Polygon Counts:
Object namecatalog sortpricepolygonsGUID
Baumann bistrot chairseating/dining§2001254 polys/942 vertices0x007C9D0B
Baumann bistrot barstoolseating/misc§2501038 polys/808 vertices0x007C9D00
Thonet bistrot chairseating/dining§2001490 polys/980 vertices0x007C9D0A
Thonet bistrot barstoolseating/misc§2501686 polys/1228 vertices0x007C9D21

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Wings3D, UV Mapper, Gimp
Miche and Delphy's MeshTool, the Compressorizer
JWoods for this tutorial that saved me when I couldn't figure out how to make the barstools work as intended
Wood grain: scandinavian ash by arborite
Wicker texture: scenolia
Rough metal textures by shastakiss
Palettes: Cluedo by shastakiss , Wood colors by iCad , Pooklet's naturals
CC shown in the screenshots: Talking Table add-on by CTNutmegger , recolors of Maxis tables by iCad here and here , lamp by PineappleForest , menu board converted by Veranka