Ghost chairs - Kartell

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2022 at 10:30 PM
Today I bring you two translucent plastic chairs inspired by the "Victoria" and "Louis" chairs designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell. They come in 15 different colors, all translucent with a slightly reflective sheen.

These chairs had be sitting in my WIPs for over 2 years, I was poking at them once in a while, and thought they would probably never see the light of day. That was until I recently learned a new trick to make super simple recolors with only txmt edits. The recolors are texture-referenced to the mesh, so the files are super light! I was excited to try it and it gave me the final push I needed to wrap up the project.

Fun fact, I find these chairs hideous in real life, but from a CC creation point of view they're definitely interesting to work with in terms of shape and transparency effects. I might even have grown a bit fond of them

"Victoria" ghost chair: 1374 faces/1203 vertices
"Louis" ghost chair: 1398 faces/1340 vertices
both are found in comfort/dining for 300§ and 350§ respectively

SimPE, Wings3D, Gimp, UV Mapper, the Compressorizer
Original high poly meshes from, heavily edited by me
Honeywell's Bespoke curtains, which I was looking at in SimPE and this is how I found out about the texture-referenced recolors trick