Stop Those Mermaids!

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2024 at 9:51 AM
I like mermaids and like how mermaids was designed by EA.
I always like to meet them on dive spot... but meet them on the streets of megapolis, or in arctic- or futuristic-themed world?
Well, this kind of meeting looks very strange.
Let's fix it!

Well, what's wrong with EA mermaids?

There are 2 ways how you can meet mermaids in your sim-world.
Spawned mermaids
1-4 mermaids spawned in every world which has at least one dive spot.
They lives in special invisible mermaids cave and your sim can meet them on dive spot only.
Once meet the spawned mermaid your sim can socialite with her, befriend her, invite her in his house, even let her life in his house or marry her.
It is all depend on player's choice.
Dive spots were designed by EA in tropic style - all these corals, fishes, seaweeds, drowned galeons items etc.
Mermaids were designed by EA in the same style and looks authentic with this stuff.
OK, no problems here.
Mermaided sims
Since you start a new game, the EA script sets the hidden treat "Mermaid" to random sims and then keep spreading it to reach the percentage pointed in the Populating script.
Do you know that old man Joe, the military pensioner? Yesterday he went to bed drunk and today morning he wakes up to be a little mermaid!
It happens in every custom world, in every EA Store world and in every EA world exclude WA travel worlds, Into the Future world and University world.
You can't change it via Game Setting menu like you can do it for Vampires or Celebrities.
Yes, you can cut off the hidden treat "Mermaid" in your world via NRaas Story Progression.
But, first thing, it means that you must play the game with NRaas Story Progression mod.
This is the global mod which affects most aspects of the game and very weightly for the game perfomance. I like this mod but I like to have a choice too.
Second, if you do this - you will kill all mermaids in the world (spawned mermaids too).

Another painful point ruled by this script is Emigration.
I hate to see how premade sims leaves the town with no reason and replaced with some persons with generated faces, personality and clothes.
Once again, you can't change it via Game Settings menu but you can do it via NRaas Story Progression.
Same things about it.

Well, here we go.


All files made with Patch 1.67.
Must work fine with 1.63, 1.66, 1.69.
Resource used: Demographics.xml

Mod variations (use only one!):

Mermaiding blocked for all worlds exclude Isla Paradiso.
Same + Emigration blocked too.

Mermaiding blocked for main EA worlds only.
So you get mermaided sims in all EA Store worlds and in all custom worlds as well as in Isla Paradiso.
Same + Emigration blocked too.


Extract files from the archive using 7zip by Igov Pavlov or any other same tool.
7-zip is free software with open source which correctly unpacking 7z, ZIP, .RAR and many others.
Download 7-zip from the official website:

Just put selected files in Mods/Packages.

This is tuning mod so don't forget to check if any other mods uses the specified xml.
Must work fine will all script mods.
Must work fine will all tuning mods which not affect the specified xml.

Works correctly with all EP's.
Requires Base Game only.
But sure you do need EP Island Paradise installed to get some mermaids in your game!



Inge and Peter Jones - for Sims3 Package Editor