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Sims 3 Aging Global Overhaul

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2024 at 9:49 AM
Hi everyone!
EA aging system is very strange so I decide to fix it.
In short words - I made it useful for casual gaming.
Now your sim has enough time to reach success in his career, explore his neighborhood, meet friends, travel to other countries, find fun, love and rest in his life.
I made this tuning mod for myself long time ago but why not to share?

"Details, details..." Johnny Gat.
EA aging system consists of days, years and Life stages.
Each Lifestage consists of years, each year consists of days. The number of days in the year depend on selected Lifespan.
Default values in script lines, new values in bold.

Default Lifespan
Default Lifespan is what you get when you start the game before you select another one.
Also you can get it if you clear your game cash. So it must be something useful.
Also it is better to be match with Normal Lifespan.
"7 days"?
It is cool if you are waiting for some terrified ring from a mystery woman but not if you are playing Sims 3.

kDefaultSimDaysPerAgingYear value="7"> 15

2 days of life? Who need this? Not me.

kShortSimDaysPerAgingYear value="2"> 5
kMediumSimDaysPerAgingYear value="4"> 10
kNormalSimDaysPerAgingYear value="7"> 15
kLongSimDaysPerAgingYear value="15"> 25
kEpicSimDaysPerAgingYear value="75"> NO CHANGES

Well this "jump to grave from pussy" looks very strange if it was made by EA.
Long life for teens and elders and something like a spark between them.
Time to fix it!

kAgingStageLengthBaby value=".428"> .4
kAgingStageLengthToddler value="1"> NO CHANGES
kAgingStageLengthChild value="1"> NO CHANGES
kAgingStageLengthTeen value="2"> NO CHANGES
kAgingStageLengthYoungAdult value="3"> 4
kAgingStageLengthAdult value="3"> 4
kAgingStageLengthElderMinimum value="2.428"> 2

Lifestages for pets
Same things.

kAgingStageLengthPuppy value="1"> NO CHANGES
kAgingStageLengthDogAdult value="3.571"> 5
kAgingStageLengthDogElderMinimum value="2"> 1
kAgingStageLengthKitten value="1"> NO CHANGES
kAgingStageLengthCatAdult value="4"> 5
kAgingStageLengthCatElderMinimum value="2.428"> 2
kAgingStageLengthFoal value="0.67"> 1
kAgingStageLengthHorseAdult value="5"> 7
kAgingStageLengthHorseElderMinimum value="2.428"> 2

Occults Multiplier
Occults has no lifespans but Multiplier which calculating their lifestages based on Sim Lifestages with selected Lifespan.
Huh, that Brad Pitt who walking between careless humans during centuries, over and over with the same long hairs and bored face maybe looks cool on the moviesscreen, but if you play Sims 3 you have about 100 neighbours in your world and third part of them are occults...
Well, it means that you will see the same faces all the time. It is bored if you like to play long with sim generations like me.

kMummyLifeSpanMultiplier value="5"> NO CHANGES
kVampireLifeSpanMultiplier value="5"> 3
kUnicornLifeSpanMultiplier value="3"> NO CHANGES
kGenieLifeSpanMultiplier value="2"> NO CHANGES
kWerewolfLifeSpanMultiplier value="1.5"> 1
kFairyLifeSpanMultiplier value="5"> 2

I know that some gamers disagree with me in this point, so I make occults-with-no-changes version also.


All files made with Patch 1.67.
Must work fine with 1.63, 1.66, 1.69.

This is tuning mod so don't forget to check if any other mods uses the specified xml.
Must work fine will all script mods.
Must work fine will all NRaas mods.
Must work fine will all tuning mods which not affect the specified xml.
Regarding mods which uses same xml - it most probably be a problem because of massive changes made in Sims 3 Careers Global Overhaul.
Resource used: AgingManager.xml

As it pointed in Occults Multiplier chapter, there are 2 options at your choice (use only one!):
= Occults lifespans overhauled.

= Occults lifespans untouched.


Extract files from the archive using 7zip by Igov Pavlov or any other same tool.
7-zip is free software with open source which correctly unpacking 7z, ZIP, .RAR and many others.
Download 7-zip from the official website:

Just put selected files in Mods/Packages.
You can use all these mods at the same time or choose one or two.

Works correctly with all EP's.
Requires Base Game only.



Inge and Peter Jones - for Sims3 Package Editor