Bistro Simtorini

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2024 at 1:58 PM
Welcome to Bistro Simtorini!

Enjoy a nice meal or hang out with the stars here on the Simtorini Beach! Beautiful cocktails and mediterranean food is the signature of this fine establishment!

You can be seated inside or outside, let the staff take care of you for a relaxing evening in the sun.

The lot has a small dining area inside and the rest of the seating is outside in the beautiful garden. There is a separate kitchen so your staff won´t have to take the chefs temper all the time.....

There is a toilet stall for your convenience so your sims don´t have to go home to do their "business"

This lot goes with my other lots in the mediterranean theme.

Lot size: 20x20
Furnished: 36,622
Unfurnished: 12,417
Zoned as Restaurant!

No kits have been used!

I hope you like it.