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Welcome To The Weirdo Zone

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2005 at 5:19 PM
Updated: 18th Oct 2005 at 3:51 PM by Delphy
Welcome To The Weirdo Zone

This latest project is brought to you from the talented and creative minds of The Mod Squad. To highly contrast out Retroville theme, we decided to go the other direction. Crazy and Colorful. Think of this set as Dr Seuss meets Willy Wonka, Throw in some Twilight Zone and general craziness and you have The Weirdo Zone.
This project was started this summer, well before Nightlife's release, and youll find that much of this set looks absolutely wonderful with the new Nightlife items. However everything in this set was made to work with ALL versions of the game.

****Just to be clear you do not need any EP's for this set. All items were made from base game objects and will work with ALL VERSIONS *****

The Mod Squad Is composed of- Boblishman, CynicalChick, JWoods, Numenor, Xanathon, kavar, LyricLee, Just_kathy, besen, Faylen, niol, SolanderCGN

Thanks to all other members who helped us test items and especially to Delphy and the rest of the staff for constant feedback and site space.

This entire set is composed of entirely NEW MESHES. All meshes in this set are well within, if not way under, the poly limits of the game. Some have recolors built in, some don't, however all items are color enabled. We highly encourage you to take these items and create lovely recolors for them but do not post the original meshes on any pay sites.

We hope you enjoy our latest creations.