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This is a group account for our creations. Please do NOT PM this account, your mails will be unanswered. Post questions in the threads, if you have them, or contact some of the creators directly.

You may use our creations in your creations on MTS2 alone. For any other use, you must contact the individual who made the item.

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------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 JAN 2009 - UPDATE - SIMSTONE MOBILE Now the Simstone car also works with Numenor's "Cars without Nightlife

8th Jul 2006 at 12:40am in » Themed Sets


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*JWoods Autumn Wonderland Tribute...

15th Sep 2006 at 7:26pm


The Mod Squad Presents- The...

21st Jul 2006 at 7:05pm


The Mod Squad Presents- The...

8th Jul 2006 at 12:40am


Welcome To The Weirdo Zone

3rd Oct 2005 at 5:19pm


Welcome To Retroville! A FULL...

25th Jul 2005 at 9:47pm

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The Mod Squads Terms of Use- Do not redistribute any creations by our team ANYWHERE except ModTheSims2. You may recolor or use our items in lots only on MTS2.

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