Johnny Rockets Diner

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2006 at 11:08 PM
Updated: 9th Mar 2008 at 4:47 AM
Johnny Rockets

I bring you one of America’s last cultural relics…Johnny Rockets, the home of America’s first burger. Finally, your sims can enjoy a tasty hamburger straight from the 50s…literally! All kidding aside, Johnny Rockets is a fine family diner which is all the rage in today’s youth. I made it based on a real Johnny Rockets diner (see pictures) and I used many deco items to make it highly realistic. It took me a while to make all those custom walls and floor but I prevailed. Enjoy!

A special thanks to Martine for inspiring me and for providing me with the links to many of the CC items included.

Lot Specs:
Community Lot – 2X2
Fully furnished as seen in pictures
Space for 22 sims to dine simultaneously


This lot has been cleaned with Clean Installer Requires Pets to play

UPDATE : I've corrected all the known issues which were missing walls, missing CC and flashing blue objects. From now on download ONLY the Johnny Rockets UPDATED.rar file WITH the Johnny Rockets Walls.rar file. This second file includes only 2 walls which are crucial and which I tried time after time to include in the original file but failed. They are the top 2 walls of the front logo. If these 2 walls do not appear on the actual building, they will nonetheles be in your files. You may have to place them yourself. Sorry about this but its my last resort.

To correct the flashing blue columns I included the base mirror from the "Grand Trianon" collection for those who didn't already have it. You may delete it from the lot (it's on the roof) but it needs to stay in your downloads folder.

I tried including the poster recolors but Clean Installer just doesn't recognize them. I'm sorry to say you may have to download them yourself from the links I've provided below if you wish.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This should correct the known issues but if new ones arise feel free to bring them to my attention.

My Policy:
Do not use this lot as a base for any other lot. Do not upload to the Exchange and claim it as your own. Do not change this lot to upload anywhere else. If you wish to upload the intact lot in any other site I must first approve and be given full credit.

I do not presume to take ownership of any image used to create the finished pictures of this lot. These images while freely available for the public to use have their respective owners who disserve full credit for their work.

CC Included:

-“To The Brim” Soda Fountain by thefuzzmixman:
-Light Switch by Bienchen:
-Sausage Links by HChangeri:
-The Small Trash Pile by HChangeri:
-Compressed Gas Cylinder by IndigoRage:
-Central Air Conditioner by IndigoRage:
-Bottlecap Lighted Sign Set (contains 2 lights) by CJaneFly764:
-The “Medium” Alley Grafiti w/ re-colors by Pacotacoplayer:
-The “Urban Alley” Enormous Wall Grafiti w/ re-colors by Pacotacoplayer:
-Traffic Sign – Long Rectangle by Darylmarkloc:
-Magazine by Bienchen:
-Cigarette Pack w/ Ash Tray by Simsistic:
-Rat, Broken Pallet, Chain Link Fence, Trash bags, Junk Bottle 1, 2 and 3 and Pallet by Suiryuue: Threads have been deleted but he/she gave permission to share these items. I got them from Martine at
-Wooden Pallet (lean on wall) by UK1967:
-Wooden Pallet by UK1967:
-Fake Trashcan (Full) by Windkeeper:
-Fake Trashcan (No Cover) by Windkeeper:
-Fake Trashcan (Lying) by Windkeeper:
-Dumpy Dumpster MESH 161105 by Cazkiwi:
-DH Aglaonema Plant, DH Breadbox
(open) and DH Paper Towel:
-Pull-Down Ceiling Lamp by ShannaniSims:
-The “Grand Trianon” Poster Column, Floor Mirror and Mirror Light by The Dream Team:
-Angled Beam w/ re-colors by Lethe-s and Echo:
-Clump of grass and Clump of short grass w/ re-colors by Lethe_s and Echo:
-Mono Kitchen Fridge and Sink by Murano:
-Construction Ladder by Targa:
-Soap Dispenser (does not show in CleanInstaller but included) by Bienchen83: (
-Drink Dispenser by Exnem and Numenor:
-“SimChef” Counter Cabinet by Exnem & Izzmit:
-Maxis Lost & Found #21 – Timber and Steel Column by Numenor:
-Picnic Bench Part A & B by tmross4:

The following do not show up in Clean Installer and must be downloaded separate if you wish.
-Vintage recolors of “Civic Idol” and “Engineered Angst” posters by bogart61:
-Vintage Sci-Fi recolors of “Surfing The Universe” poster by Living Dead Girl:
-Vintage Diner recolors of “Championship Poster” by Starangel13:
-Menu recolors of "We Call It Football Poster" by HChangeri: (You can also get the menu recolors from Martine's "Realistic Diner" lot here:
-Elvis Presley recolor by Delenn:
-Marylin Monroe recolor by Delenn:

-Unshello F4 by Tribeccasims:
-Johnny Rockets carpet by me, Yargo179

-Johnny Rockets walls (a set of 21) made by me, Yargo179
-Washroom “Where’s My Sponge” Tile and Washroom “Time to Clean” Tile by Berg: I got these from but she did not provide a link to where she originally found them.
-Dark Blue wall by Zhaana:

-Trawka Nr3 by Margierytka:

-Laurana Small Fence:

I would appreciate as many comments and thanks as you are willing to give.