1952 Mid Century Modern_The Branton: Pretty in Pink

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The following items are not included in the download:
- 55 Chevy BelAire Convertible by Dr Pixel @MTS
- RC Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo @MTS

Extra Credits:
- Torrox Border-Brown (chimney) by Moune999 @MTS
- DreamEasy Bedding (2nd bedroom) by Mummysim @MTS
- RC Amarante Sofa & Chairs by von40mouse @MTS
- RC Nengi Rug by Kim*sDesigns @MTS
- RC Maxis Value Countertop-Pink (bath) by shannanisims @MTS
- Master bedding by Mammut @Blacky's Sims Zoo

This 1952 Mid Century Modern is another plan offering an optional facade, an indication of how architects envisioned the new modern age while acknowledging that home buyers tended to stick with the tried-and-true. Of course I went for the "contemporary" design. You gotta love those clerestory windows!

I stayed pretty close to the plan, swapping out closets for dressers and getting rid of the basement stairs. (I guess basements were reassuring in the nuclear age.) Thanks to an unnecessary linen closet, I was able to enlarge the bath. And I widened the entrance to avoid potential bottle necking.

I also added a carport... because I had this really cool pink-on-black '55 Chevy Convertible, and I had to park it somewhere!

Pink was a popular color in the 50s. In one of the areas where I grew up I knew of three pink houses built in the late 40s-early 50s whose owners (and others) all agreed they had always been that color. Try as I might, I couldn't paint this house pink, even though it ceaselessly whispered to me, "I'm pink! I'm pink!" We finally compromised (the house and I), and the interior is thoroughly pink - well, as thoroughly as I could make it without crying.

It's a 3BD/1BA home with an open living-dining area, kitchen, carport, patio and pool. I made one of the bedrooms into a den. I'm not sure what they call it these days. A study? A man cave? But I figured, if a man's refuge from the world is his home, then his refuge from a pink home is his den.

I played this lot with a family of three Sims. It needs a lot of garden care because of all the trees, but otherwise it's an easy lot to play.


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §83,122

Custom Content by Me:
- Retro Diamonds Linoleum_Bubblegum on Yellow
- Retro Single Diamond Linoleum_Bubblegum
- Retro Colors_Bubblegum
- Retro Half Tile Wall_Bubblegum Light

Custom Content Included:
- Tisch "Relax" Endtable (living) > DL-Archiv > Meshes/Livingroom pg 2 "Relax Set Teil 1" by by dickerchen @All4Sims
- Modern Fence Low-White (flat roof edge)> Downloads > Retired Designers > Retired Sims 2 Creators > Lirunchik-Sims 2 > pg 1 Modern Fences Set by lirunchik @Black Pearl Sims
- Grosse Yucca > Downloads > alle Kategorien/Sims2-New Mesh > alle Themen/Plants > pg 6 by Speedymaus22 @Blacky's Sims Zoo
- Vorhang Sabine (master bed Curtains) > Download > alle Kategorien/Sims 2 New Mesh/Go > alle Themen/Curtains/Go > pg 3 by Speedymaus22 @Blacky's Sims Zoo
- 'Amarante' Armchair > Sims 2 Objects > LivingRoom > pg 9 by Holy Simoly
- 'Amarante' Sofa by Holy Simoly
- "Set Salsa" Garden Bench > Objects > Objects With Our Meshes > Outdoor pg 13 by Suza @Simply Styling
- RC Brass Double Bed-bone by Nengi65 @Sims2 Graveyard
- Brass Double Bed > "brassbedset" by Nengi65 @Sims2 Graveyard
- Cozy Living Daisies > "CozyLivingSet+Recolors" by Nengi65 @Sims2 Graveyard
- Medium Floor Rug 2x3 > "RugCollection" by Nengi65 @Sims2 Graveyard
- Modern Danish Dining Table > "ts3convert_DanishModernSet+AddOns" by Nengi65 @Sims2 Graveyard
- Retro Table Phone by Helena for Pixel Simss @Sims2 Graveyard
- Retro Table Phone Handset by Helena for Pixel Simss @Sims2 Graveyard
- RC Retro Table Phone-SalmonPink by Helena for Pixel Simss @Sims2 Graveyard
- Dita Dining Chair > pg 9 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Dita Dining Chair-Red by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Inosign Curtain-04 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Inosign Curtain > pg 32 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Mia Double Bed > pg 33 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Mia Double Bed-02 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Mia Dresser by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Mia Dresser-02 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Mia Endtable by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC Mia Endtable-02 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- 2 Paintings (dining) > The Sims 2 Paintings pg 4 by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC 2 Paintings-Barrett by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- RC 2 Paintings-Gockel by Shoukeir @Sims2Play Archive
- Mission Style Porch Swing by cokenasmile @MTS
- Retro Patio Bench by CTNutmegger @MTS
- Retro Patio Chair by CTNutmegger @MTS
- Retro Patio Table by CTNutmegger @MTS
- Asphalt Roof 2 by frillen @MTS
- Cheapo weaved Wood Fence - Oiled by frillen @MTS
- The Embrasure by Ergo Mid by HugeLunatic @MTS
- Vincas (planter) by macarossi @MTS
- Maxis Match Plate Glass Door by moune999 @MTS
- Maxis Match Plate Glass Window Full-width Counter-height by moune999 @MTS
- Maxis Match Plate Glass Window - Twin by moune999 @MTS
- Torrox Double Archway by moune999 @MTS
- Torrox Door - Double Glass by moune999 @MTS
- RC Maxis Knock on Wood Shelf by mustluvcatz @MTS
- Japanese Ajisai Pink by reica15 @MTS
- Exterior Wood Paneling - Medium by Sailfindragon @MTS
- Lady Head Vase by shannanisims @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS
- Aura Curtains by Ulmille @MTS
- Time Factor Wallpaper 04-0 (2nd bedroom) by pixelhate @MTS
- UpRite Column Corner Version by HugeLunatic @MTS

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the researchers and editors at Mid Century Home Style for their dedication to preserving the record of mid century architecture. Their house plans and photo galleries of interior design are greatly inspiring. You can view this plan here: http://www.midcenturyhomestyle.com/...nps-branton.htm

Number of bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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