The Getaway

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Uploaded 25th Mar 2007 at 4:23 AM

Hey, Today I bring you a very small and cheap (yay!) residential lot.
I call it 'The Getaway', because it looks like a holiday home.

I made it in about 3 hours, which was quite quick. It requires Uni, NL, OFB and Seasons. I think it would be really good with seasons, because you could fish in the lake, like in a real holiday house. It is on a 3x3 lot and costs §35,603, so it is more of a second house (You can afford it after you make some money.) Not fully furnished, but it has all you need to live. It contains 5 rooms and they are:
- Bedroom, double bed, wardrobe, cabinet.
- Front and back deck/patio.
- Kitchen, stove, sink, fridge, washing machine, appliances.
- Bathroom, sink, bath/shower, toilet.
- Random room, currently only table and chair, but anything could go in there.
- Lounge room, fireplace, couch, tv, bookcase.
- Pond at the back.

As you can see only basic stuff, and also, No custom content (Huzzah!)

Do not upload this lot or any of my other lots to any site, even the exchange!

I hope you enjoy, happy playing and holidaying!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §35 603

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