Ellsworth's Dairy Farm -UPDATED 12-17-07 redownload!

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Uploaded 11th Dec 2007 at 8:19 AM · Updated 19th Jan 2008 at 5:36 AM by puppetfish : bad file replaced

ATTENTION!!! 12-17-07 / I've updated the file and fixed it!! If you've downloaded it before this date then please redownload!! Special thanks to JLonier for pointing me to this thread, http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=200668
which explained how to fix what went wrong!! I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!!

1-18-08 Sienna972 asked me if I could upload a version of my farm that didn't require Pets, Seasons, or Bon Voyage. So here it is! Alot of the wallpaper is different, and I've left it unfurnished, so decorate however you want!! (To the moderators - I hope it's ok to add this to this post, since it's the same farm, just "fixed" )

This cute little farm is nestled snuggly up against the base of the Rocky Mountains. When Ellsworth's Grandfather first settled this land it was a honey of a deal. Unfortunately, by the time Ellsworth inherited it, prices were sky high and he felt the need to sell it. It comes furnished, complete with animals, and a small Garden just off the bridge.

Lot size = 5x6
Category = Residential
Price = $180,605
Played/Tested - Not yet, but will post info soon

Master Bedroom/Bath
2 Children's Rooms
2 Guest Bathrooms
2 car Garage

Chicken Coop
Pig Sty
Large Barn


I think I forgot to put the driveways back in after recoloring them!! I used the invisible driveway and extensions from Roddyaleixo! You can get them here at http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=90875

Once again,

Please do not upload this lot to the Exchange / paysites / or claim as your own.

Please do not claim the walls / floors / terrain paints that I created as yours.

And please hit the thanks button on your way out!

Custom Content by Me:
- floor_1463243e
- floor_146324f7
- floor_346322dc
- floor_546321cc
- floor_74632409
- floor_b4632310
- floor_d458403e
- floor_f463224c
- terrainPaint_d4632605
- terrainPaint_f46325da
- wall_54632011
- wall_7463212d
- wall_94632087
- wall_946320f4
- wall_9463de3a
- wall_d4631fe1
- wall_d46320ba
- wall_f463204b

Custom Content Included:
- Barnset_feedMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_grainbinMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_hitchingpostMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_manureMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_muckbucketMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_muckpickoneMESH_ by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_muckpicktwoMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_ropeMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_stackedmuckbucketMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- Barnset_waterMESH by Paleoanth from MTS2
- BecksBalesOfHaypackStacked by Rebecah from MTS2
- bs2_wäschekorbMESH by Besen from MTS2
- bs2_wäschekorbvollMESH by Besen from MTS2
- bs2_wäscheleineTeil1MESH by Besen from MTS2
- bs2_wäscheleineTeil2MESH by Besen from MTS2
- bs2_wäscheständerMESH by Besen from MTS2
- Holzhaufen-klein-gedreht by feeEssen of MTS2
- Holzhaufen_Mesh by feeEssen of MTS2
- MTS-030705-Cow by Mickyss of MTS2
- MTS-030705-Duck by Mickyss of MTS2
- MTS-030705-Horse-Colour01 by Mickyss of MTS2
- MTS-030705-Horse by Mickyss of MTS2
- MTS-030705-Pig by Mickyss of MTS2
- RabbitTazman by Tazmanoregon from MTS2
- RatTazman by Tazmanoregon from MTS2
- Squirrel by Tazmanoregon from MTS2
- Stalltuer_Mesh by feeEssen of MTS2
- Targas_Designer_LadderStairs by Targa from MTS2
- Trennwand-f-Pferdestall by feeEssen of MTS2
- Trennwand_mSattel_Mesh by feeEssen of MTS2
- 001cowblack by sarrla of MTS2
- 001cowbrown by sarrla of MTS2
- 001cowtan by sarrla of MTS2
- Barnset_hitchingpost_blanket1 by Paleoanth from MTS2
- BecksMilkPail by rebecah of MTS2
- BecksRomanianHay by rebecah of MTS2
- BecksRoundHayBale by rebecah of MTS2
- BecksSmallBucket by rebecah of MTS2
- Gartenzubehör190706taroo by taroo
- huhn1190706taroo by Taroo
- huhn2190706taroo by Taroo
- Milchkanne_Mesh by feeEssen of MTS2
- wasserpumpetaroo by taroo

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Paleoanth, Sarrla, Mickyss, Rebecah, Targa & feeEssen from MTS2!

Thank you to Taroo at www.tarox4sims2.de!

Without you this creation would not have been possible!!

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