Cabin -or- Campin' Lodge

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Uploaded: 10th May 2009 at 11:41 PM
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Cabin -or- Campin' Lodge


In this world, there are 3 kinds of tourists. The kind that come to
observe, cause major traffic jams, and be total n00bs and ask
about every little thing. Then there are the jerks who come merely
to go home and make fun of how terrible the trip was and how their
sushi was too raw somehow. Then there are the people who throw
themselves into the culture and blend in, other than minor things like
wearing socks with sandals, but they can't all be perfect. When your
sim visits this lot, be prepared for total culture shock! The clean
crisp air and the scenic views are an amazing site. So much that
your sim will not ever want to leave!


So, there are two ways you can approach this trip. You can take it
like an adult and rough it. Stuff your junk into that tent and sleep
in it ALL night and show your bravery and adventurous side! Or...
you can be smart and rent out that cabin. Totally up to you! Either
way you are gaurenteed satisfaction and a memorable vacation!

Main Picture:

Cabin costs are (ranging from lowest to highest):

1, 020 (#4) - 1, 236 (#2) - 1, 274 (#1) - 1, 784 (#3)

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price: Approx: 295k as a house

Additional Credits:
Flabaliki for preventing me from getting bored
Bozzaliki for giving me the idea...somehow