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**Outdated**: Set of 12 Stair Recolours *linked* with matching Railings, Fences, Walls and Floors

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2009 at 5:59 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2012 at 8:59 AM - Outdated - Original Files are now recolourable in Game
*Edit (2012-03-01): The Original Files of the Stairs, Railings and Fences are now CASTable in Game, therefore you do no longer need to download these recolours. If you have built a lot with these files included you may still download and use them for your game, they still work fine (playtested with game patched to

*Edit (2010-04-25): All files were checked with the newest update version ( - they still work fine in game and can be used both with the base game and also with the latest expansion pack "Luxury Accessoires", however, no expansion pack is required for these files. Please note that these files cannot be modified with the design tool in game (this option wasn't available when these files were uploaded in September 2009).

*Edit (2009-09-21): Upon request I added a file with all 12 recolours for those who want all colours in one rar file. Please download this file if you intend to install all files to your game.

*Edit (2009-09-20): I just edited the packages of the "Dark Old Wood" and the "Grey Old Wood" so that the repetitions of the textures are less obvious then shown on the pictures.


With this download you'll be able to chose from 12 completely new colours of the "Homestyle Ascension Device from NanoTech Crafters". The good news is that all these staircase recolours are linked with matching railings, walls, floors and fences. If you want to use them as shown on the pictures, just enable the "auto-railing" funktion (as I did), however, you may also use the stairs, railings and/or fences seperately.

Every colour is packaged seperately so that you won't have to download all colours if you don't want to use them in your game. If you never use the auto-railing funktion you can just install the package of the stairs (same for the railings and/or fences) - if you, however, want to use the stairs as shown on the pictures, make sure to install all five package files for each colour you want to use.

Absolutely NO original file will be replaced by these recolours. The stairs, railings and fences all show up in game with their own thumbnail pictures.

You'll find all these recolours in build mode. The recolours of the "Homestyle Ascension Device from NanoTech Crafters" can be found in the stairs&railings category and they cost 12 $imoleons per step. Click on the railings symbol of the same category to access the railing recolours. Railings don't cost any extra $imoleons. The recolours of the "Gentle Fence"can be found in the fence category and its price is 22 $imoleons.

Please note that these new colours won't automatically be included in your packaged lot if you export it from your game. The new recolour packages need to be installed for showing up with your lot in game.

Enjoy the new colours!


Additional Credits:
Peter and Inge Jones for two great tools - S3PE and S3OC Xanathon for the Tutorial: Clone A Painting and change the Texture [...]
Srikandi for the easy to understand Mini-Tutorial: linking stairs, railings and fences - without this tutorial I wouldn't have been able to make all stairs work in game.