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Halloween Special 2011: Jack's Private Winery

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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2011 at 1:59 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2013 at 8:29 AM - links to pictures + walkthrough guide edited due to change of image + file host
Jack R. and his wife Emily lived in this house for many decades. Both were seasoned travellers and enjoyed being outdoors. They never had any friends, however, thanks to their private winery they had at least a few visitors from time to time.

A few years ago Emily had unexpectedly died by electrocution. After this tragic occurrence Jack wasn't seen downtown for a while. Among the townsfolk of Riverview a rumor persists that something "evil" was going on at Jack's house. They say that some people never came home from a wine tasting at Jack's Private Winery.

Just recently Jack's body was found by the paperboy. He lay upside down in the fish pond, firmly holding an ancient coin in his right hand. People say that Jack might tried to bribe the Grim Reaper with this valuable coin to save his life... obviously without success.

The police searched the house but couldn't find anything suspicious, except the fact that they weren't able to gain entry to the tower of the house. For some reason there was no visible door. The commissioner said that it was possible that there was a secret door that couldn't be found by the police.

It seems that the police needs a little help. Do you think your Sims are smarter than the police men who searched the house?

Important notes about this build:
I wanted to create something special for Halloween and so I made another house with hidden rooms. This time, however, there are more rooms for your Sims to explore. You'll find this small Adventure being easy to solve, I believe. If not, please have a look at the spoiler pictures below. These extra pictures are showing all floorplans with hidden rooms included - please only click on the spoiler buttons if you want to see that - if you don't want to spoil yourself, don't click one of these buttons below!

If you get stuck in this little adventure have a look at the Walkthrough Guide I made. Click here for the PDF file "Walkthrough_Halloween2011". Please leave a note in the comments if you need further help. Feedback is always highly appreciated.

Requires The Sims 3 Base Game, World Adventures and Ambitions

Built/Playtested with Game Version, finally Saved/Playtested with Game Version

Lot Size & Placement:
House was built at 647 Farmer Valley Road in Riverview.
It's a 40 x 40 lot.

Please note that the terrain paint used on this lot does not match with the terrain of the foreign countries, if you do not place this lot on its original location you may need to edit the terrain paint at the corners.

Lot Price:
Furnished: 194,393 §
Unfurnished: 100,943 §

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 WC
  • Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Living Room and Entrance Hall
  • Wine Cellar w/ Storage Rooms
  • Work Room w/ Workbench
  • Small Office
  • Outdoor Pool and Grill in the Backyard
  • Fish Pond in Front Garden

Cheats used:
Buydebug, Moveobjects, PlaceFriezes and ConstrainFloorElevation.

This is my first build with a "Walk-in Basement" - it's not perfect (sorry about that) but I'm beginning to learn how it works - thanks to simsample and QBUILDERZ for their helpful pictures and instructions in the thread "Walk-in basements: Warning- PICTURE HEAVY THREAD".

Also, this is the first time I built a house with a split level. Once more I have to thank QBUILDERZ for a helpful thread: "Split-Level - Tutorial - How to Create Split Levels With and Without Warped Walls"

Store Content used for this build (not included in this download):
  • Fall Fruition – Free -
  • Halloween Treats – Free -
  • More Halloween Treats – Free -
  • Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies – Free -
  • Happy Holiday Presents – Free -
  • Harvest Bounty – Free -
  • Weba Yayfoo! – Free -

Apart from the Sims 3 store content there's no custom content used for this build. All used store content is free. Please have those items installed to your game as I used the lights included in thoses sets quite a lot for this build.

I checked the file with CUSTARD (a huge "thank you" to Delphy for this great tool) to make sure that there is nothing included that doesn't belong there.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 194,393 / 100,943