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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2009 at 1:31 AM
Updated: 9th Jul 2011 at 5:16 PM - Edit the Tittle
Part 2 is
here or here

Hi All!

It's NewOne again.

Well, today I bring you something new and unique.
But before I start I want to remind you that this stuff is only
for those who want to have their sims
or even their sim-self more realistic looking.
I tried my best to make these and I think they look really good.

Now without any further a do I present you

Body Freckles

Your sims or self-sim now can have freckles
not only on their face but also on their body.
I made these freckles for hands, chest and the back.

Your sims can have both freckles for their hands and body/not separated.
But they also can have these separatedly.

You can find them in all category outfits including Career,
for Male & Female, from Teen through Elder.
And these are recolorable (1 Alpha Channel)

I also made custom thumbnails for all types freckles
(see the screenshots) so you'll find the very easy in CAS.

Your sims can have freckles on their hands
with other accessories except the glove.
And they can have freckles on their chest
and back with other accessories except the Left Ring.
And for both hands and body (chest+back) your sims
can have them with other accessories except Bracelet.

As always..
Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!


I used Alice and Hayden as models even though
they didn't have freckles when the first time I made them.
So I apologize if their face are "clean" unlike their body :P

Models by Me:

Alice Nakamura, from here
Hayden Xavier, from here

Custom Content by Me:

"BABY DOLL" Knuckle Tattoos
Lower Back Tattoo No.8

Custom content I Used:

Alice's Body by Aikea
Alice's Face by 234jiao
Hayden's Body by Kanno
Hayden's Face by Aikea

Hairs by Cazy
this one
this one

Eyes by Sims2Time

Additional Credits:
Delphy, for CTU Tool
All creators above for making great CC! Thankies!
Alice and Hayden, my models (I Luv U Both As Always)