20 KNUCKLE TATTOOS (Recolorable, Teen-Elder, Both Gender)

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2009 at 8:41 PM
Updated: 9th Jul 2011 at 4:17 PM - Add part 5 as requested

+ I add Part 5 as requested +
(Read the comments)

Hi All!
It's me again!

Today I bring you 20 Knuckle Tattoos for both gender,
from Teen through Elder.

I was gonna make these tattoos with different Tattoos Fonts
just like people use in real life
but the results were too blurry
so I just used the one that looks good.

Anyway, these tattoos are recolorable and available in all category outfits.
I also made custom thumbnails for these tattoos
so you'll find them very easy in CAS.

There are 4 part of these tattoos.

Part 1:
Baby Doll, Bookworm, Devotion, Don't Care, Free Hugs

Part 2:
Free Mind, Good Girl, God's Will, House Wife, Hold Fast

Part 3:
Hopeless, Knit Purl, Love Hate, Memories, Modified

Part 4:
Skin Deep, Stay Calm, Stay Gold, This Hurt, True Love


Part 5:
Bye! Good, Byrd Gang, Drop Dead, Free Will, Punk Rock

Your sims can use all these tattoos with other accessories except the socks.
Yes, your sims still can have socks but not with these tattoos.
I hope this make sense.
And these tattoos are Non Default.
So they don't replace anything.

Some Screenshots

All Knuckle Tattoos (Random)

Again, random Knuckle Tattoos

These one are most likely for females but I enabled them for both genders.

Enjoy and Happy Simming Everyone!

+ + + + +

Model by Me:

Jiro from here

Custom Content by Me:

20 Knuckle Tattoos
Jiro's Tattoos from here

Custom Content I Used:

Skin by Aikea (For Jiro my model)
234Jiao (For Female Hands in screenshots)

Hair by Aikea

Chinstrap by Kitty Klan
Brow by Nandonalt
Necklace by Rosesims

Additional Credits:
Delphy for CTU Tool
All creators above for creating cool CC! Thankies!
Jiro my model (I Heart You Forever)