Dirt Road & Grass Replacement *Updated*

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2010 at 4:09 AM
Updated: 26th May 2010 at 5:34 PM
***This road has been updated on 5/26/10. I thought I had fixed a problem where the road would revert to the game road during snow (on the end piece and curves), but the problem kept happening. I have absolutely, without-a-doubt fixed it now!!! And I compressorized it so it wouldn't be such a large file. So, you may want to re-download the updated road. If you do not have Seasons expansion you do not need to get this updated version.

Change the appearance of the game roads and grass instantly with a new dirt road and textured grass. This mod will only change grass terrain neighborhood types and affects both neighborhood and lot views. The dirt road is designed for themed or rural neighborhoods. It offers the impression of being a narrow road with natural ruts and indentations and has no sidewalk.

In lot view you will be able to see the altered roads and terrain automatically, however the asphalt game road remains in front of the lot. It will be necessary to use the moveobjects on cheat to remove the asphalt road and apply the included floor tiles that match the dirt road to create a nearly seamless look. They are large 5x5 tiles, so drag them to apply the roadway (located in Floor -> Miscellaneous). Please note that you need to place any driveways you want to have on the lot before you remove/replace the road.

Also, you can only have one road/terrain mod at a time in your Downloads folder. To return to the original game roads or use another road mod, just delete or remove the Dirt Road & Grass Replacement file.