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Medieval Maternity Replacements

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2010 at 4:59 PM

This is a default replacement of the everyday maternity wear so that your medieval/fantasy pregnant women automatically appear in your game wearing era appropriate apparel. Since there are 9 possible outfits for your pregnant women to show up wearing, there are 9 dress types. These are generated randomly for your Sim. The apparel dresses may be worn any time by your non-pregnant Sims if you have the mesh listed in the credits.

Two folders are in the archive - one folder includes the maternity package which is the default replacement; the second folder has the apparel recolors which are not default replacement. Put all of these files directly into your Sims2->Downloads folder.

This outfit replacement should not conflict with any actual hacks that allow the Sim to wear any type of clothing during pregnancy.


Tiggerypum for meshes found in the Dark Project-


IamLiz13 for textures.