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Mirkwood Glade - an elven dwelling

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Uploaded: 17th May 2010 at 10:40 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2010 at 12:03 AM
Mirkwood Glade - an elven dwelling

Requires World Adventures
Built with patch 2.6.11
Uses free and premium CC from the Sims Store

Mirkwood Glade is a clearing in a great, ancient, magical forest. There stands Mirkwood Glade House, an elven dwelling. It has 3 double sized bedrooms (the master bedroom has ensuite), 1 double nursery/children's room, nectar making facilities, cozy kitchen/dining, lounge with fireplace, 3 bathrooms, reading room, ornamental gardens, a fish stocked river, thriving vegetable patch, all surrounded by a mystical forest.

There are no tv's, radios or telephones or driveway (yet there is room for several car parking spots). There is, however, a chess board, an easel, two bookcases and two fire alarms. There is also a pathway leading through a small forest for you to plant your rare and special plants in

The interiors are quite spartan and organic, in that they do not feature any bright colours mostly muted neutrals and woods. There are no modern items (other than the great Sim essentials: the toilet/tub/shower/fridge/oven).

Freebie Sims Store content (download them here)
Terra Plant
Generation Clock
Thankgiving Set

Note: There were quite a few premium items used (esp. decor) because I relented and went on a mad spending spree at the Sims Store *dons ducksuit and quacks lol* I will try to provide a good freebie substitute list where possible (if you know of something please add your info)

Premium Decor Sims Store Content (requires Sims points)
Mystic Mushrooms - can be replaced by Joninmobile's cute version
Fraud Laug - just decor
Tropical Fruitbowl - can be replaced by an in-game plant or similar freebie
Harvest Time Painting - unnecessary, as there are plenty of freebie cc paintings within the same style
In the Park by Awalck Painting - see above
Fantasy World Tree - imho a must have for this lot
Spellbound Diary - totally unnecessary (you can take books out of your Sims inventory and place them on the counter)
Reflection Mirror -special gift for Sims Point purchase, can be replaced by any classic style mirror
Faire Vine Wall Decor - is only decor
Faire Statue - can be replaced by Joninmobile's beautiful fairy statue
B.Harvard's Water Collection - decor only
Advantageous Washstand - decor only

Premium Furniture Sims Store Content (requires Sims points)
Woodrow's Woodworks Dining Chair - can be replaced with the in-game Perfect Shui Dining Chair and recoloured in CAS
Don Pedo Dresser -can be easily replaced by one of the in-game dressers
The Pampered Pedro -can be replaced by the in-game Sleep-Slave Double Bed
Imperfect Globular End Table - can be replaced by the one inEsmeraldaF's wonderful medieval furniture sets
Retronator Stove- can be replaced by any stove (just recolour it into a dusky dark metallic colour
Faire Folk Bench

Premium Build Mode Sims Store Content (requires Sims points)
Magical Faire Door -can be replaced by in-game door called Amine's Door
Magical Faire Gate
Gothique window -I have not found a suitable freebie substitute
Worthington's Washbasin - can be replaced by the in game Plain Basin and recoloured in CAS)

lot size: 6x6
unfurnished: 99,077
furnished: 194,563

P.S - the gown on the sim was created VectorLover here at MTS


Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 194,563