Southern Charm a tribute to New Orleans

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2010 at 6:46 PM
Updated: 27th May 2012 at 10:09 AM
Southern charm

This set matches my last set, stairs, railings and fences. In it is also a "corner filling" that you can use if you are building with rounded corners.

Updated for Pets and patch and tested in game

Unfortunately, it appeared that the column did not appear in the first 7z file. I have now updated and also added the column as a separate file for those who are already loaded down and want it.

The column is included in the new file so if you download now you do not need to download the column-file separately

Unfortunately I've never been to New Orleans and will probably never get there. But Google is my friend and with Street View I have gone up and down the streets for hours so it almost feels like I've been there. Bourbon Street seems to be a central street in the French Quarter and it turned out to be rather small, narrow street. I like the architecture with all the cast iron stuff, balconies, columns, etc.

Here I have tried to do some things that I use to create a neighborhood with bars, gaming clubs, restaurants and houses of “scandals beauties”.

Maybe someone else wants this for similar creations.

This set consists of 16 parts. 15 of these have the same design, and so there is a cast iron columns, which appear to be common in New Orleans. All parts are the same color channels, so it is easy to determine the color scheme. When "delivered" is all parts just galvanized so you must color yourself in the CAST if you don’t want it that way.

All parts, except the column, is based on a statue so you can find all parts in the buy-decorated-statues catogery. The column is, indeed, among the other columns. I have set prices so that all parts are together in the directory. There might be some weird prices but it is easy to find.
Note - The parts are NOT symmetrical so you can not use a left part, reverse it and use it as a right side part.

Certain combinations, you must use "moveobjects on" for placing the parts. This applies especially at corners and intersections.

Known Bugs

It sometimes appears that alpha-mask is not working properly. To fix it go to the CAST and change little in the shade to reset.

Filename and prices:

IronWorkCenter.package $ 255
IronWorkCenterLeftFence.package $ 254
IronWorkCenterRightFence.package $ 254
IronWorkCenterNoFence.package $ 253
IronWorkLeft.package $ 252
IronWorkRight.package $ 252
IronWorkLeftNoFence.package $ 250
IronWorkRightNoFence.package $ 250

IronWorkExtension.package $ 249
IronWorkExtensionNoFence.package $ 248

IronWorkVertical.package $ 248

IronWorkRoundCorner.package $ 245
IronWorkRoundCornerNoFence.package $ 243
IronWorkRoundCornerFence.package $ 243 - NOTE This is the same file as in my other post
IronWorkRoundCornerTop.package $ 241

CastIronColumn.package $ 150

Polygon Counts:
Polygons vertices / faces

IronWorkCenter.package 386/214
IronWorkCenterLeftFence.package 282/162
IronWorkCenterRightFence.package 282/162
IronWorkCenterNoFence.package 178/110
IronWorkLeft.package 222/126
IronWorkRight.package 222/126
IronWorkLeftNoFence.package 118/74
IronWorkRightNoFence.package 118/74

IronWorkExtension.package 144/72
IronWorkExtensionNoFence.package 40/20

IronWorkVertical.package 56/36

IronWorkRoundCorner.package 1116/1004
IronWorkRoundCornerNoFence.package 368/332
IronWorkRoundCornerFence.package 632/568
IronWorkRoundCornerTop.package 284/256

CastIronColumn.package 482/444

Additional Credits:
Well, without EA we would not have this marvellous game and without the nice tools nothing would be made so thank you all developers and also I want to thank the support of helpful folks.