Dragonhill Castle

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2014 at 3:57 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2014 at 6:46 PM - updated description / updated file
Edit 2014-02-10: Please note the changed info on "Requirements" for this lot (see below). Thank you!

This lot was built for Round 2 of QBUILDERZ's „Groundwork: A TS3 Foundation Challenge". I tested the lot regarding playability before I uploaded it here. You can use it as a residential home, it is playable. There is a bathroom at each floor except on the third floor (reading room). Only the kitchen is at basement level so sims may have to go a long way to get something to eat.

If you would like to see my original round 2 entry post for this lot (including making of, background story, pictures), please click here.

Lot Price:
Furnished: 209,032 §
Unfurnished: 66,922 §

Lot Size & Placement:
The castle is a residential lot. It was built on a 30x30 lot at 31 Summer Street in Monte Vista (see placement picture).

The castle is suitable for a couple and has additional rooms for a butler. The build includes the following rooms & features:
  • Master bedroom with a double bed, fireplace, dresser, balcony and en-suite bathroom (2nd floor)
  • reading room with fireplace, wine rack and roof terrace with telescope and chess table (3rd floor)
  • Throne room with fireplace, book of spells, guitar and bass (1st floor)
  • guest bathroom (1st floor)
  • kitchen with basic kitchen equipment and dining table (basement)
  • butler's bedroom with desk, bookcase, mirror and en-suite bathroom (basement)
  • corridor with wine rack and hidden door (basement exit)
The castle also has an „outdoor-fun-area“ with a grill, pavillon, radio, dance floor and archery stand. There is also a small vegetable garden (with alchemy plants) in the backyard and behind one of the bushes is the home of a fairy. At the left side of the castle there are also two beekeeping boxes.

Cheats used & Requirements:

Cheats used: Buydebug, Moveobjects and ConstrainFloorElevation

No Custom Content was used for this build but you do need to have the store items (listed below) installed to your game to make the lot look like on the pictures..

Requires The Sims 3 Base Game, World Adventures, Late Night, Showtime, Pets, University and Supernatural to show up as seen on pictures.

EDIT 2014-02-10: I have to apologise, but I missed to mention that you also need to have University for (the outer fence of) the castle. The two crowns (Queen's Crown and King*s Crown) placed on top of the dresser in the Master Bedroom also require Generations, however, I think it's not a requirement for the castle itself. If you don't have it they just won't show up. I also replaced the "Stack of Crates" (Ambitions) with the "Wooden Crates" (a base game version of the same object) and fixed the placement of furniture in the bathroom (2nd floor).

If you don't have University installed to your game, the outer wall of the castle won't show up. You may replace it with a base game fence or something better (see picture in spoiler below).

(end of edited text)

Saved & playtested with Game Version 1.66/1.67

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price: F209,032 / U66,922

Additional Credits:
Thanks and hugs to QBUILDERZ for creating the foundation of this lot and for hosting the „Groundwork: A TS3 Foundation Challenge“, also a big thank you to all the judges (QBUILDERZ, PlayinSafe, Seemyu, TVRdesigns, BlakeS5678, GigaRevival)