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Gravitarse: Functional Recliner, with Matching Armchair and Footstool

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2012 at 5:01 PM
I've always felt that sims get a bad lot when it comes to seating: there's no room for real luxury. And when it comes to sleeping on seating, they're even more deprived - allowed only to sprawl out across a whole sofa like drunks! Terrible, indeed. What on earth is wrong with napping in a dignified manner on one chair?

Well, now there's a solution!

The Gravitarse seating set comes complete with a recliner, non-reclinable armchair, and sittable-on footstool. The recliner is cloned from an EA pool chair, meaning that your sims can either relax or nap on it - although I'm afraid they can't sit on it to eat, read and so on. Sorry! If only I were a scripter... The armchair and footstool are both, well, armchairs, and thus have all the normal armchair options.

The Gravitarse set comes in three designs:

Classic Green

Modern Beige

(The base of the footstool is not nearly that blurry in game - but I'd had the game running for about three hours when I took that pic, and my graphics card was considering strike action... you can see the base in all its non-blurry glory in the "scene" pictures; and it is also identical in-game to the base of the recliner's footstool )

And... um...
...and finally a, erm, mature design that was fished out of a charity shop. This third design, incidentally, demonstrates the recolourable channels quite well: channel A is the cushioning and arms, channel B is the wooden bases, channel C is the arm supports and channel D is the back/underside of the seat. The standalone footstool does not have channel C.

All three can be found in Living -> Chairs, or in Comfort -> Armchairs. The recliner costs §850, the armchair §700 and the footstool §150. This is posh furniture, you understand!

This is by far the most complex object I have ever meshed and, more significantly, mapped from scratch. There are a couple of mapping anomalies, which you can see on the chequered pics attached. Hopefully these won't bother you too much.

There are two files attached here, a repo version and a non-repo version. The recliner is the master object, so if you want the recliner, I recommend you download the repo version, as the three repo files put together are less than half the size of the three non-repo files put together. You do not have to keep the repo files together in the same (sub)folder.
If you don't want the recliner (wtf is wrong with you?!) or otherwise have problems with the repo version, download the non-repo version.

Remesh, retexture, rehash, include with lots, pretend the floor is lava - whatever you like, just keep it free and give me credit with a link.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Bloom and cmo, who helped me tweak the footstool's rig and slots so that sims sit lower (since otherwise their backsides float three feet in the air above it). Many thanks also to Inge, who saved me from her own mesh-breaking TT3-related malice.

The black hair worn by the woman in the armchair is a retexture by Beaverhausen of the only good Peggy mesh I have ever seen, Peggy #828 (free) (Peggy's site is currently even more broken than usual, so that link may not work, depending on the current lunar phase).