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Fharhond Glacier - A Small Northern Island

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 18th Jun 2013 at 5:00 PM
Updated: 23rd Jun 2013 at 1:38 PM
Requires Patch 1.50 and PETS expansion

(Note: There have been some successful loads of the world even without pets by some testers of mine, but objects, plants, and rabbitholes are missing and need replacing by those people, and the files are completely unsupported for those without Pets. Also! You do NOT need to own Aurora Skies.)

People who are trying to unzip this and getting error messages about file corrupted/etc., or have never opened a multipart file before, PLEASE be sure you've gone over the multi-part-download instructions at http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php...ulti-part_files - Most of the time these errors are because your extraction program is being fussy about how you rename files! These files are NOT corrupted, as evidenced by all the people who are having no problem with them! Also, if you're experiencing wonky game play, please be sure all your mods are up to date since so far every complaint has been traced to other mods broken with the 1.55 patch! Thank you!

Fharhond Glacier is only one feature of the island, but being one of the main features- the other being Fharhond Mountain- the entire island is generally known by the name. In the far north, just short of the arctic circle, it's an isolated little place, out of sight of the oil derricks and fishing fleets, home to a few hardy souls and a research station. It has almost more amenities than it needs- though people do come in from other, smaller islands, as well as perhaps those oil derricks, so the businesses manage to squeak along.

The island is windswept, and almost just tundra and rock, though some trees survive, and people have planted hardy ones around the town to help keep the ocean gales softened at least a little. Despite these harsh conditions, there is wildlife, and while other areas may have moose or bears that wander the downtown streets, Fahrhond has the ocassional wild horse trot past bemused townsfolk.

(Lots detailed in Comments section!)

Custom/Store Content:

No custom content required for download by players

Contains, with permission, houses by Armiel, and Qbuilderz:
Life in a Nutshell
Peace of the Forest (CC removed)
Tiny Blue Cottage
Hollyway Lane

Uses paintings in gallery (so can undoubtedly be done without) from the FREE EA sets:
Kalliopi's Gifts
The Sims Celebrations

Huge thank yous to everyone on the MTS CAW forums, especially SimSample and Atavera for helping sort out how exactly CAW works and how to unlock its potential, and sharing this information

Auntielynds for sharing the resource files for the sky and lighting from Aurora Skies, which I used, as well as the textures for the roads
Martine , for her CAW textures pack

Ashillon for some of the rock textures

HystericalParoxysm for more of the rock textures

Simsimillan for his matching sidewalk tile textures which I tweaked the color on and used

Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE

Armiel and Qbuilderz for letting me use their lots in my worlds

And all the folks in the MTS Create channel for their constant support and feedback, especially PharoahHound this time around, for getting me to FINALLY do a world with a limited number of EP's so hopefully more people can have fun with it-- and Heaven and HugeLunatic who helped me get the thread figured out for posting. <3