The Laeturns

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Built towards the end of the Golden Age of Hollywood, The Laeturns is a home bursting with period glamour while maintaining a more minimal approach to furnishing which very much reflects upon its famed first owner; Elizabeth Lawson; an actress of the Golden Age who built The Laeturns as an escape from the fast pace of Hollywood. It was the solitude of living by the beach that attracted her to the plot. She loved the sea; she loved the freedom and openness it brought. She refused to have a safety rail fitted around part of one of the rear decks as it obscured the view of the sea from her favourite sun lounger. Thinking back to the events of her past made her feel trapped and enclosed. The pure openness of the sea seemed to stretch out beyond the horizon to eternity. The house was her savior, in it she had space to breath, uninfluenced by the triviality and burdening façade of her Hollywood Hills mansion. All else she could ask for was a child of her own to love, but those dreams have long been crushed by mother nature, leaving her feeling very isolated from society. It's what is believed to have driven her husband away. No matter how hard life got, she managed to remain on top, her naturally blonde curls seemed to get better with age and experience, she refused to dye it to cover up the greys that began to appear in her later years, her youth still shone through the wrinkles that were beginning to appear on her face. The Golden Age of Hollywood might have died out but she kept going strong, although became more reclusive and could afford to go for years without accepting any acting roles.

Upon entering the house, if you were lucky enough to make it past the front door, you would be shown to the seating area just off of the entrance foyer; there you would be asked to take a seat while Elizabeth is summoned. If she chooses to see you she would be shown through within a moment or two. The red armchair was hers; if you chose to sit there then you would be met with the coldest of looks until you rose and moved to one of the other remaining seats. By this time you knew you would be judged once again for which you chose to sit in.

If you were a much more highly regarded guest, and if the weather permitted, you would be shown to the deck on the floor above. In doing so you would pass through the dining room which would strike you very much as being out of place in such a house, but then you would be yet to see her bedroom which appears to be one of the few areas influenced by her mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Only the people she held closest to her would be granted an audience with her on the rear deck with the sun loungers. She prized the view of the sea and the shelter of the house from the road, and was very unwilling to share them with anyone. We can only speculate who spent time with her there on her last evening because the next morning she was found dead on the patio below. Some say she jumped, others say the storm tore her from the place she loved and threw her to the ground, just as she had done to others in the past, on her rise to fame. But then others say she was pushed. There's very little evidence to say either way, but the real factor that adds fuel to the fire of the rumors is the very fire that engulfed her Hollywood Mansion that very night, thus erasing any traces or evidence of who she may have been quarrelling with or who may have meant her harm in the days leading up to the night of her death.
But that's not what you're here about, that all happened long in the past, the home has stood empty since; hence the dated décor. You're here with the prospect of purchasing a house you saw advertised in an old newspaper. You were so surprised when you found it was still for sale at that low (for the area) price. You arranged a viewing as soon as you could for fear of missing out on such an opportunity. Then finally, the day of the viewing came. As your car pulled closer to the house it seemed to light up as if the sun was visible behind the heavily clouded sky; a glimmer of hope growing with the prospect of a new owner to love it and unlock the secrets it still held. As you walked up to the front door you were greeted by a charming, well spoken older woman with blonde and grey curls. Her beaming face seem vaguely familiar; like she was from some old black and white movie that you barely remembered from your childhood. Introducing herself as locally based and independent Realtor named Beth, she proceeded to show you the house demonstrating a very intimate and fond knowledge of the place. While your interest in the place was very much financial at first, Beth had stirred up a love of the house in you; suddenly it felt warm and homely, like you were meant to find it. This blew any prospect of redeveloping the plot and selling it on for profit out of the window. This is the home for you. Before you know it, your time is up and you have to get going, but the house is all you can think of as you drive away. There's something bewitching about the house and realtor that causes you to do a u-turn and race back along the road to the house. You burst out of your car and run straight for the house; upon entering it you dash from room to room searching for the realtor but you don’t find any trace of her. As you go to leave a chill rushed up your spine causing you to turn and glance at the title deeds and a fountain pen with the cap off as if it were about to sign the deeds on its own.
Lot Info.
The house was built on a 40 by 40 lot costing 125,570 Simoleons furnished and 80,634 unfurnished.
I hope you will enjoy this house just as much as I have. If you're interested in the style of the house then you might like my other Mid-Century Modern home.
Have fun! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price: 125,570 Simoleons