The "PURDY PERGOLA" ~ New Build Mode Object ~ in 4x4 and 5x5 tile sizes

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Hello to All,

This is our new, basegame-compatible creation called the "Purdy Pergola", which comes in two sizes - 4x4 (16-tile footprint) and 5x5 (25-tile footprint). It was intended to be placed outside on the Sim's estate, but we knew that someone may want to do otherwise and that's okay, too. In addition to ground placement, it can be placed on a foundation and is the full height of a Maxis wall - three tiles high. By design, the four post tiles allow for another object to be placed there, in case you want to dress it up with some hedges or plants. It's perfect for an outdoor dining space, a cemetery, a wedding, a quiet game of chess or just a pretty spot in your Sim's garden - the possibilities are many! The sims can walk or sit under it, but they won't walk through the posts.

The textures used were made to match the Maxis wooden stairs featured in the basegame - the colours are Deck (default Brown Stairs), Chic, Green (Arboreal Stairs), Loft (Country Stairs) and Steadfast. They are all included in the mesh package for your convenience. The posts can be retextured separately for even more design choices!

We hope you enjoy using our Pergolas,
Debra and Michelle

Very Low Polys for a multi-tile object:
Pergola XVI (16) = 248 (with groundshadows)
Pergola XXV (25) = 332 (with groundshadows)

Price: §300 for the 16-tile pergola and §450 for the 25-tile pergola

Found in the Build Mode Catalogue -> Miscellaneous -> Columns

Number of Subsets: 2 (The horizontal top beams and the vertical posts)

Polygon Counts:
Very Low Polys for these multi-tile objects:
Pergola XVI (16) = 248 (with groundshadows)
Pergola XXV (25) = 332 (with groundshadows)

Additional Credits:
(And many Thanks!)

Echo -> Tutorials: Fixing the Footprint (or, stop walking through my object!) ->
IgnorantBliss -> Tutorials: Adding a subset to an object (and making it recolorable) ->
Kestin -> "Stair-Matchster" Wooden Floor with Matching Wall used in the screenshots ->
Macarossi -> The various beautiful flowers and plants used in our screenshots ->

MTS for hosting our creations ~ SimPE ~ CEP ~ MilkShape 3D ~ UVMapper Pro ~ GIMP ~ Maxis/EA Games

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