SCP-811 (Ae)

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Note: File is provided as-is. I do not intend to update this file at this time on my end for the June 2nd, 2016 patch (which I believe was unnecessary, as it broke more than it "fixed.") If you have trouble running SCP-811 in your game due to the patch, please let me know, and I'll consider patching her. (I see no reason why she shouldn't work, as the new format does allow you to switch off the gender-fluidity mechanics if you don't want them.)


If dockty has kestins, she's ready to answer them as best she can! Add a little extra flavor of weirdness to a Sims 4 neighborhood near you, and set Ae loose on your populace!

The friendly abomination, SCP-811, is only kept in the containment facility she is because in spite her generally friendly nature, her physiology makes her a threat to all human life. Her skin is basically her stomach, with a secondary stomach inside for all the decaying matter. One touch, and she can instantly begin digesting the flesh of anyone who gets too close. Her oily hair defies the conventions of most over-the-counter brands of shampoo. Learn more about this adorable by-product of a scientist's crimes against nature here.

File details

The zip file linked to below contains two parts: the Tray files for putting her in the game as a household, and her custom recolor accessories. She has a recolored bikini top and bottom (for modesty), and recolored arm tattoos to give her swampy skin a little more texture. Eyes are default.

Her promo image with the big SCP logo on it portrays her bikini distorted. In the actual creepypasta, she is implied to have some sort of swampy essence giving her privacy, in spite being otherwise nude. Fan art is all over the map on how to interpret this. (Just check DeviantArt....if you dare.) The Sim in this file uses a regular bikini, implied to be made of potent non-bio-degradable material. The tattoos are supposed to be textures of her swamp-like skin, since she is a swamp monster.

What you're really getting

This photo above is the base Sim, with only the Maxis defaults and the modesty bikini recolors. No makeup, no facial details, no tattoos, no serious alterations to the lighting in Photoshop.

This photo of her swimming is slightly enhanced in lighting; but is otherwise an even closer reflection of what you'll be actually installing. Skin is the default green skintone from the game. Tattoos and bikini are included with Sim, and Package files are provided just in case they don't show up properly without.

Physiology / Intelligence

The Sim should have average Sim intelligence for a Young Adult Sim, speaking full Simlish and being unremarkable in any significant way. If you wish to make Ae behave more like her creepypasta self, you'll need to add those effects in yourself. Her language skills will be Sim average, instead of the Tarzan-speak inflection she uses in the main literature.


To use her accessories, put them in a "Dozerfleet" subfolder inside your "Mods" folder. To install the character herself, put all household files related to her inside your "Tray" folder. She should now open inside your version of the Gallery.

Further reading
  • SCP-811 article entry at SCP Foundation Wiki

Notes on comparison images

The official wiki entry has no one specific chosen artwork interpretation to use for a comparison picture. Instead, I've included a copy of one of my images sharing image real estate with the two best fanart depictions I've found on DeviantArt. Since the character only exists in a creepypasta, she is still somewhat open to interpretation.

Custom Content by Me:
- Clothing recolors

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Pig_catapult and the SCP Foundation Wiki for inspiring this creature, as well as the DeviantArt fan club for the character, for giving me plenty of fan interpretations to work with.

Tie-in: If you want to keep her company, I've uploaded SCP-053 to the Sims 4 Gallery.

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