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Camelorum Adventures Lemon Witch Support T-Shirts for All Ages

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Uploaded: 18th Mar 2016 at 12:13 PM
Updated: 8th Jun 2016 at 12:07 AM

Above: The Percolation is at it again! Yan from RWBY finds herself teleported to the Grillitan Diner in Dromedary Heights, where she stumbles upon a "Free Candace" demonstration. How will she ever explain this one to her home dimension???

Note: Let me know if there are any problems running these files due to the June 2nd, 2016 patch. I don't see why they wouldn't work, but the game's new gender-fluidity mechanic is still a tad bit confusing. I'll consider an update if there's a need.

What's going on here???


Short version: The townsfolk don't think Lemon Witch belongs in jail. The mayor disagrees. Tempers are flaring. Click the button below for the TL;DR version.


Before Candace can give her speech, however, several families are angry at the mayor for defeating the bid for Candace to receive a pardon and be set free. Unlike Candace's speech, where she gives a reasoned response, the mayor makes it pretty obvious that his personal hatred for her is his motivation. This nearly results in a recall. At any rate, fans of Lemon Witch begin making T-shirts, celebrating her as if she were some type of martyr.

This creates panic, because who else in the Camelry would they want set free next? Ion Boy, who nearly killed the Gnat? Semaphore, that drunk who was with those two other drunks that destroyed that one fountain bearing in its center a statue that was in the likeness of the judge's ancestor??? This cannot be! Where will it end??? How far down that slippery slope need we go? The Mauve Puma going free???

"Free Candace" T-shirts begin popping up all over town, most of them in yellow. An imprint of her face is plastered in the dead center of each shirt, glamorizing her the way a Che Guevara T-shirt typically does Che's likeness. (Candace is not at all pleased with being compared to Che, as they're nothing alike.)

Eventually, Olivia catches the "Free Candace Fever," and wears a non-lettered variation of the shirt to class. The school's principal, being mean-spirited, bans all pro-Lemon Witch and pro-Cherry Babe (who is not in jail!) expressions from school. Olivia is threatened with suspension for daring to stick up for her idol. Her mom is seen taking her to school with a non-lettered version of the pro-Lemon Witch shirt on, and is accused by another woman of being a "terrible mother."

When Olivia is sent to the principal's office and her teacher insults her behind her back to the whole class, he expects them to respond by nodding and agreeing. Instead, the entire 5th grade rebels. They rush out of the classroom and start alerting the other classrooms to what's happening, leading to a school riot.

As the rioting kids rushed out into the streets, public panic set in. Most of them walked home. But a few, like Olivia herself, stayed within the general area near school to let their voices be heard. Olivia makes the mistake of jumping on top of the mayor's car, to proclaim to the angry pro-Lemon Witch crowd in that area that they should no longer tolerate their sentiments being suppressed.

This angry kid didn't need a megaphone to be heard. However, her crazy stunt also got her a one-way ticket to the city jail - escorted by the same Officer Tribble that took Candace herself in a year ago.

Worrisome to Officer Tribble, Olivia seems to have an even more biting sense of wit than Candace herself did! What is this town coming to, when kids are all smart-mouthed and rebellious, and leaders are too stupid to earn back respect, let alone get any? He basically tries to call her "Xomiaphobic" for supporting Candace, but Olivia is able to turn the argument right around and make Tribble sound like the bad guy!

Her mother, boyfriend, and grandfather eventually arrive at the station to come and get her. She knows she'll be grounded for quite a while, but figures it's "totally worth it this time." To the annoyance of Tribble, the mother and grandfather are also wearing pro-Candace T-shirts. Amelia and Bobby Mason, Candace's remaining family, have no comment. (Eddy Mason, Candace's father, is still missing.) The Masons are totally feeling the price of fame.

Cool story, bro. What am I downloading?

There are three zip files attached. Each of them contains a standalone recolor of a Base Game shirt. One shirt is for the kids, and should work on both boys and girls. Another shirt is male-only, and should work on Teen-Elder. The other is female-only, and likewise should be Teen-Elder.

What's required, and what do you recommend?

The Base Game should be all that's required to run, though I recommend Get to Work be installed since it was installed on my machine when I made the standalone recolor. Likewise, I recommend the Outdoor Retreat stuff pack, though it should not be required to run this file.

The shirt files come with two swatches each, a generic shirt with no letters and an English-lettered shirt that reads "Free Candace." If you want your Sims to show generic support, or to have a lettering scheme in all-Simlish, then use the lettering-free swatch. This swatch is also ideal for hipster Sims that want to wear the shirts "ironically."

If you want to display the pro-Lemon Witch crowd during the height of their "Free Candace" fervor, and don't mind English in your game, then go with the lettered swatch.

Can I give them protest signs too?

As much as I'd like that, for the sake of realism, we'll have to wait for an expansion pack to reintroduce protest mechanics into the game. In the mean time, use your imagination.

Final notes

Additional Credits:
Credit goes to Prodigal-Gamer at DeviantArt for inspiring Camelorum Adventures as a series idea, as it is an adaptation of his The Tale of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens.

Credit goes to Sims4Studio for unlocking the means to make all these custom parts.

Credit goes to Google Images for providing Che T-shirt references for style imitation.