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Kids Pose Pack by SimMadMeg!

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2014 at 4:36 PM
Here are 16 poses for you sim kids! Perfect for siblings! Originally uploaded for Tumblr as a follower gift but now I am uploading them here aswell!

The pose names are on the pictures but here is a description of each pose:

c_kidspp1a_smm : A child sitting on a waterslide holding toddler, smiling - May work on regular slide but untested
p_kidspp1b_smm : A toddler sitting between childs legs on slide, laughing/screaming with arms out

c_kidspp2a_smm : Child holding toddler, sticking out tongue
p_kidspp2b_smm : Toddler being held by child, sticking out tongue

c_kidspp3a_smm : Child kneeling on floor, hugging and kissing toddler
p_kidspp3b_smm : Toddler hugging child, smiling

c_kidspp4a_smm : Child sitting in armchair holding resized toddler, look of awe
p_kidspp4b_smm : Resized toddler being held by child, holding child's finger and biting/gumming teether

c_kidspp5a_smm : Child holding resized toddler, standing, smiling
p_kidspp5b_smm : Resized toddler being held by child, touching child's face, smiling.

c_kidspp6a_smm : Child kneeling on floor, playing with toddler in jumparoo.
p_kidspp6b_smm : Resized toddler playing in jumparoo

c_kidspp7a_smm : Child holding baby in default blanket, sitting on floor, smiling
b_kidspp7b_smm : baby sim being held by child, sitting up, smiling and touching face

c_kidspp8a_smm: Child holding baby in Quizicalgin's baby clothes, happy look of surprise/wonder
b_kidspp8b_smm : baby sim being held by child, sucking thumb

This Pose Pack is base game compatible however it will need the cc linked at the bottom of the page under Additional Credits

Within the zip file are two .package files, a poselist compatible package and a no poselist package, only place one in your packages folder.

For this pose pack to work you will need cmomoney's pose player

If you have any issues with this pose pack please write them in the comments section I will respond as soon as I see them

-Don't claim as your own
-Don't reupload to a paysite
-Have fun with them!!!

Additional Credits:
For All poses to work you will need:
Baby Teether for pose 4b
Jumparoo for pose 6a/b