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Private Room Door (Updated 24-Sep-2016)

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2015 at 4:59 AM
Updated: 24th Sep 2016 at 11:43 PM

Compatible: BASEGAME PATCH v1.67 od higher

Please, destroy or sell the "Private Room Doors" from your saved game before update this mod because the update might corrupt existing ones.

- 24-Sep-2016:
  • The door and key will correctly export/import the key code after export/import the lot;
  • Removed the option to name the door and key (issues with the fix above);
  • Now you can buy ($15) multiple keys for the same door;

A Door that you can actually lock with a Key to create your own Private Room. Only the Sim with the correct Key, inside the inventory, will be able to get inside the room. You can use this private space to keep the family's treasures safe or to hide a mysterious secret.

This mod includes 12 modified basegame doors to support the lockable door feature.

- You can put the Key inside the Family or Sim inventory;
- You can "GiveGift" the Key to others Sims (Requires: Generations EP);
- The door will only "Lock" the room after you remove all possible connections to other rooms (example: Stairs, Elevators, Doors, ArchDoor, etc).

Object Details:
- Name: vary (12 basegame Doors)
- Price: vary (12 basegame Doors)
- Category: Build Mode > Door Single

Additional Credits:
s3pe, S3OC Inge and Peter Jones
nrass - DebugEnabler