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Laundry Day Part 1 ~ Washer and Dryer

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2015 at 7:17 AM
Updated: 6th Sep 2021 at 3:51 PM
Inspired by a WCIF right HERE at MTS, my sims now have enough new goodies to open their own laundromats. It's a pretty big set with a lot of files, so I've split it up and this is Part 1: a functional washer and dryer. Functional? Well, sims won't actually wash and dry their clothes but thanks to Rebecah and iCad, I was able to make this set and let my sims at least *seem* to be doing their laundry.

While Rebecah did the original coding, it was iCad's edited versions that I cloned to make mine since her edits were what I wanted in my objects. I further edited the BHAVs, adding a few more animations, a coin flip here, a coin flip there.. so your sims won't do the exact same thing all the time. Depending on the coin flip, your sims just might have a bad experience with a "broken" washer or dryer and feel the need to take it out on the poor washer or dryer.

What You Get:
A functional washer
A functional dryer
A decorative washer
A decorative dryer
14 recolors (4 are in the package file)

What You Need To Know:
The set is repository - the washer is the MASTER of the set and is needed for the other 3 files to work in your game.
Nothing is perfect in this world and that included these meshes. There will be a little bit of clipping when your sims open/close the washer/dryer and check the laundry in the dryer. (You can see this in the video.)
Continuing with the nothing is perfect theme, there will be times the lid of the washer and/or door of the dryer won't close. If this happens, click on it and choose "close" from the pie menu.
Still not perfect, lol - there are no shadows to these meshes. The size of them means that walls would eat the shadows - and a tiny portion of the meshes, so I didn't give them shadows!
The functional and decorative dryers both have 5 slots on the top.

Question You May Have:
Why are there decorative versions of the washer and dryer?
Because while working on this set, I noticed that which washers/dryers my sims used was pretty random. There were some that were never used at all. So I added the decorative versions - that way I (and now, you too) can have just a certain area of a laundromat be functional. With a large laundromat, this is actually pretty darned handy .. as my sim Sally Sudzington would tell you.

Catalog Information:
The functional washer and dryer can be found in Large Appliances for 150 Simoleons.
The decorative washer and dryer can be found in Deco>Miscellaneous for 75 Simoleons.

Thanks to Zx-Ta for the original TS3>TS2 washer and dryer conversions. I took apart her meshes to make mine. The texture used is one I made myself using some of Anna's new colors (that I got here) and some of iCad's colors from her recolors of Rebecah's meshes. (Already linked above in post.)

PART 2 (Table Set) HERE
PART 3 (Clothing) HERE

Polygon Counts:
Functional Washer: 478
Functional Dryer: 510
Deco Washer: 266
Deco Dryer: 293

Additional Credits:
PhotoShop CS2, MilkShape, SimPE