Default townie pool replacement (with subhood version)

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2016 at 12:10 AM
Updated: 21st Jan 2016 at 1:22 PM
You can see all of the townies' stats in this spreadsheet.

This hood was created in a full EP/SP game! Use with caution if you don't have all expansions installed.

Since it's the very first of the upload, make sure to test it on a throwaway neighborhood before attaching it to any hoods you care about, and remember to make backups!

This is a hood containing ready-made townies with personalities, aspirations, and TOs. I realized that I waste way too much time adding custom townies to my legacy hoods one by one every time, when there are already tools to make it easier for me. It's much better to just make them once, and to add them into the game all at once in the future.

There's two versions of this file available: a subhood template and a main hood template. The subhood can be added to any main hood of yours to add the townies, after which you are free to delete the empty subhood; the main hood is intended to work as a townie pool replacement, not as a playable neighborhood. If you've ever noticed that every time you start a new hood, Komei Tellerman is there, it's because TS2 pulls its default townie pool from a Pleasantview-based template, located in The Sims 2/TSData/Res/UserData/NeighborhoodTemplate. Replacing it with any other hood with the N001 prefix - such as this one - will make the game use townies from it instead.

More than anything, I'm hoping this upload will encourage more people to make and upload their own ready-to-add townie batches, because on its own, this upload isn't all that special, but having multiple batches to choose from would save plenty of simmers time and effort when starting a new hood or trudging through a legacy. It's a very straightforward process - I followed the tutorial on The Wooden Simolean, and then Mootilda's subhood creation tutorial for the add-on version.

This hood contains 40 sims, all of them adults - 28 women and 12 men. The townies have diverse body states - there's fit, neutral, and fat sims, as well as ones wearing glasses, makeup, and facial hair. They have custom personalities, randomized with the SimBlender or chosen by me. None of them are overly funky when switching between genders.


Always remember to test subhoods on a throwaway hood before adding it to any hoods you care about!

Replacement version:
Place the extracted N001 folder in your Program Files/.../The Sims 2\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods directory. If you still have the original N001 folder there, zip it and store it someplace safe, in case you ever wish to revert to it.This will not affect existing hoods - only ones created while the replacement is in your game; to use the townies in already-existing hoods, use the subhood version.

Subhood version:
Place the extracted B101 folder in your Program Files/.../The Sims 2 Open For Business\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate directory. Add it to your oods in-game using the "Add Shopping District" button. You might have to use Mootilda's Fix Subhood Selection mod to see the template. Once the subhood is created and the sims are added, you are free to delete the empty subhood. Townies' names will be randomized, and their file numbers will be different form the ones in the main hood version.


- You need OFB to use the subhood version.
- The hood contains no NPCs and sims other than the townies. They will be either pulled from their associated EP's templates, or will be generated by the game as needed if you have disabled the templates.
- Sims in the subhood version will have their names randomized when they're added to a hood. If you wish to use their original names, you can use SimPE or do it in-game using the Batbox.
- All sims were created by me, and almost all of them are available for download separately, and with cc, on my tumblr.
- There's way more female sims than male ones, which I realized about ten minutes into gathering all my sims. I'll try to make more male sims and add them in the future.
- All sims are wearing basegame content, aside form two sims wearing EP hairstyles, and contain no cc; but they were created in a full SP/EP combo game, and I'd appreciate someone letting me know if it works well in other game combinations, as I cannot run AnyGameStarter.

Future plans:
- Version with children, teens, and elders.
- Recessive genetics.
- All-dormie version.
- More male sims.

Additional Credits:
Inge Jones