AF Requests 21: Ddeokbokki

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AF Requests 21: Ddeokbokki
Requested by Narmkang

Here is another Korean dish for your sims to enjoy. I bring to you Ddeokbokki. Ddeokbokki in English, “Hot and Spice Rice Cake” is a dish made of Korean Rice cakes which are diced and are cooked in a spicy sauce made of hot pepper flakes and paste. This Korean treat is said to be found at side street servers. This meal is found during dinner time in your sims fridge and operates the same as spaghetti.

Poly Count:

Prep- 2054
From Fridge- 1708
In Plate- 898
Mixing Bowl-36

Additional Credits:
Thanks To Narmkang for giving this requests and helping add a new meal to the Mts community, Simpe,Milkshape 3d, Adobe photoshop, and google images

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