The Essential University Buildings

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I've always been drawn to the universities that display this very traditional architecture. Popular during the late Victorian era, it is known as "JacoBethan": a blending of English Tudor and Jacobean.

You will need the following files for your lots to show correctly:

[I]By LeeFish: The VonTrapp window and door set available here at MTS:
By MommaB : 2 tile city clock (functional) available here at MTS:
By Gwenke: The Balsam Poplar Trees available here at MTS:
By JRW : The 4x4 stair wall fix available here at MTS:

Kativip's Breath of Time 2-tile round window is available here:

There are 3 separate lots

University Housing is on a 4x4 lot
The Library is an a 3x4 lot
The University Commons is on a 5x5 lot

The CC links above are for all 3 lots
The separate file listed as "Red's Recolors" is for maxis recolors on all lots

I truly hope that you enjoy it!

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (furnished): 206,000

Custom Content by Me:
- clos luce brick wall a
- clos luce brick wall b
- clos luce masonry wall c
- clos luce masonry wall d
- clos luce dual quoined brick wall
- clos luce red brick wall
- cut stone oriel wall
- dark parquet wood floor
- linenfold and tracery wood panel
- oak tracery ceiling
- carved wood panel a
- carved wood panel b
- Tudor style linenfold panel
- Tudor style linenfold panel
- stained glass window recolor
- Dark tile roof
- medieval deco finial recolor
- Medieval fireplace
- Red Sonja wall
- Red's limestone tracery fence
- Red's limestone tracery fence b
- OLd London Romanesque fence
- Tudor style wall panel
- aged travertine floor
- medieval encaustic tile floor
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- wood panel wall
- 2 tile astronomical clock recolor
- Red's Sandstone tracery fenceThe Sims 2 - Needs Translation - Batch10
- Privacy in a hurricane fence
- Tudor style panel
- masonry oriel wall
- maxis counter recolor

Custom Content Included:

- SunniSims patrician staircase by included/ found at sims graveyard
- 4ESF shrub by included/found at sims graveyard

Additional Credits:
All credit for these lots goes to the creators: LeeFish, Sunni9676 (aka SunniSims), Olmantinker, Kativip, Frances and Lithium from the old SDA, 4ESF, MommaB, Gwenke and JRW. They did the hard work. I took their work and ran with it!

Thank you to Numenor and R.Giles for developing our creation tools so that we can do what we do....

Thank you to the MTS community who always welcome creativity!