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Chere's Plantsim Clothing for Teens

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Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2019 at 6:15 PM
Updated: 27th Jul 2019 at 2:33 PM
Edit 2: Was missing the dark green colour for both AF and TM. Added now.

Edit: I forgot to add that if you want child and teen plantsims then Midge the Tree has a mod for that here.

I thought that Chere's plantsim outfits here were great, but they didn't have a teen version. Skell did a conversion of the full body male outfit here, but not the top only one.

So I made a teen female version of the dress and used the top only version by Yandere Plum here for the teen male version. Both have fat morphs. The top is for everyday only, while the dress is for everyday and formal.

Neither the adult male or the adult female versions had fat morphs, so I've also added a version of their meshes that has a fat morph included. There was a problem with the mapping on the AF version where it had been moved on the UV map to somewhere round the legs, so if you didn't have a skintone that had plain colour with no collarbones, breast creases etc., then it would show up funny. So I fixed that too and included the fixed recolours. I didn't include the recolours for the AM mesh because I didn't make any changes to them, so you'll have to get those from YPlum's original post.

Thanks to:

Chere, for the original outfits
Yandere Plum, for the top only version of the male outfit

Polygon Counts:
tfplantdressshtslv = 2,508
tmplanttop = 1,492
Mesh_Chere_afBodyLeafyShortSleeves = 2,490
YPlum-MESH-plantsimsshortsleeves-am = 1,492

Additional Credits:
venusking and KaterMikesch77 for helping me find Chere's policy.
foxmanic for helping me find the original links.