Business Book (Sim Database spreadsheet) part of The Sim's Economy Gameplay

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2017 at 3:10 PM
Updated: 29th Dec 2017 at 6:49 PM
So what is The Sims Economy?
A foundation for you to run an economic system within your Sim’s gameplay!

Ok, tell me more...
The Sims Economy is a series of database-style Excel records that support the tracking of inflated and excess bills, government fees, banking, taxes, a welfare system, legislation and laws as well as the convenience of keeping track of Sim and Household details, whilst keeping a tab on the game progression.

The Business book tracks business related information for up to three business with business banking included and a debt log to keep track of any borrowed money made outside of banking.

Open for business- Quite self-explanatory. The book tracks business details.
Seasons - All records rely on a date format that incorporates seasons.
Microsoft Excel (created with 2013)- Must be macro enabled (instructions in the record)

The bank account can have up to two holders and will need information linked from their personal record. The personal record download can be found here.

While this is not needed you may want to download it as part of the gameplay or to track your sim's personal details. Otherwise, be sure to manually enter the details needed for the business book to function.

Katy P's Functional Bank - This is optional, however, the business book's banking function was built around the use of the credit card from this mod. The related setting can be adjusted in the Government settings of the book if you want to use other financial objects.
Monique's bill payer mod - This again is optional and is used with the banking to set -up payments for the advance function.
Investment Certificates by d_dgjdhh - Another download that I use is the investment certificates to add value to my businesses as well as store any excess money from the business.

The zip file includes V2912 of the Business Book, along with a Setup guide. There is also guidance notes throughout.

Version updates
v2712- original
v2912- updated some minor errors on some of the calculations

You are free to adjust this document for personal use. However, please do not upload or distribute on any public site including Mod The Sims. Instead, please link back to page.


I would like to thank all the simmers that responded to my threads, you really helped me in finishing this off. I would also like to thank KatyP for her bank mod and Sims 2 Graveyard for re-uploading it, Monique for her fabulous finance mods and also ModTheSims for its extensive discussions forum. I found out so much on there. Also, big thanks to manu_prieto_cruz1995 for letting me use his money design as part of my logo.

If you come across any errors or would like help on anything please feel free to message me. For now, happy Simming!