Scattered Hay As A Pet Bed

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Uploaded 20th Jan 2018 at 12:17 PM · Updated 21st Jan 2018 at 9:45 AM by AngieMFAK77

There's nothing much to say about this. I play Medieval style; there's no such thing as pet beds outside of the Nobility.
So there we go! Uploaded for this month's #petstheme
(I basically took the EA mesh of the debug Haystack - remeshed it in Milkshape to half the size, matched up the height with the small pet bed, then swapped it all out and changed some stuff around, like textures, and transparency etc)
Cannot be designed - it's Yellow-ish Straw -though I left the channel open if you wanted to remove the stencil or whatever.

Polygon Counts:
398 Verticles
248 Faces

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to MsPoodle1 for all the help and advice!